New Faction - Fire Rift

Join Luther, as you explore the burning Lands of Fire Rift!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, lead by the Magma Dragon!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Fire Rift.


8,6k Chaos Shards to mythic ascension all troops.

Any idea about what “Hoard level” should needed for pure faction at lvl500?

How is it possible the devs haven’t learned by now that they need to turn on more servers at certain times. Like right now. New faction and new mythic.

Spend some of those millions of dollars you are getting from campaign subs.


I agree. It seems the server issue is getting worse and worse. Took 20 minutes to finish the first floor of the new faction. I have zero issues with any other game. There really is no reason for continued server issues. It happens on vault weekends, new factions, reset Mondays and I’m even getting it on Tuesdays now.

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They may not have more servers to turn on. They may have chosen to budget to have adequate server levels for most play and not to invest in server capacity for peak usage.

I don’t like it, either, but I understand the decision and can defend it to some degree. The money may simply not be there, or the need for that extra capacity may not happen frequently enough for the developers to make that decision. Especially for a F2P title where a large chunk of the player base probably doesn’t give anything at all.

This all doesn’t necessarily make this “right”, but it’s a different story from the other point of view.

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The servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services. I’m sure they could ask for more servers, but I don’t know if it’s as simple as “We need more servers at these times.”

I doubt they need more CPU-time or more servers.
Their code is just garbage.


I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with a “pure faction” team just yet; I was about to start a run (potionless) at Level 100 to get a feel for it when my dispatcher called with work for me. But here are my baseline thoughts:

  • There is no damage mitigation for these troops. At all.
  • There are no summoners and virtually no healing. You’ll probably tank with a Lava Scorpion, and he can provide himself some armor with his spell, but probably not much compared to the amount of damage enemies can dish out. Especially against a Level 500 team in a “mirror match” at the Boss chamber.
  • The quickest route to the Boss chamber requires you to fight through a Tier V. Your alternatives are to fight through three battles in the middle, either II-II-III, or IV-boon-boon with those boons being completely random.

The last two delves I’ve completed to 2500 renown are Indrajit’s Palace (last week) and The Dark Pits (during the last Tower of Doom week). Like the former, Fire Rift is a “damage carnival” where it’s pretty much an offensive slugfest. Indrajit’s Palace gave you some “damage accelerants” between the tank unit being able to amp his attack and two units having Pyromania; The Dark Pits gave you some “damage accelerants” through the liberal use of status effects and the Hex Rat being able to inflict double damage under particular (but easy-to-arrange) conditions. Also, one of the “strategies” to beating The Dark Pits was to avoid the Tier V (and usually the Tier IV) room and to take the long route around the outside through a bunch of Tier II and Tier III rooms.

Fire Rift doesn’t have those “accelerants”, so to me this devolves into a slugfest. And it might be a reasonable suggestion to go through the longer II-II-III path because it’s likely to be “easier” with those enemies being lower level with lower stats.

But I also think doing this delve with a faction team is going to come down to having the raw stats to duke it out with the opposition team. If you’re too badly out-statted, you’ll probably need too much luck to survive high-level rooms intact. Probably not “statistical parity” given the inherent advantages a thinking human player has over the AI, but also not something that’s likely to be done at low hoard numbers.

I was at Hoard 166 (plus Kingdom Power Level 15) when I beat Indrajit. I suspect that’s probably the minimum level for Fire Rift and maybe higher. Not quite as high as the 259 (plus Kingdom Power Level 15) that I needed for Dark Pits, but I suspect it’s going to take a very healthy number.

But it’s also one I won’t even attempt potionless/pure faction for a while. I don’t believe I want that particular aggravation, nor do I presently have need for the faction pet to reach mythic status for Kingdom Stars. (That last has influenced my decisions for which faction I try to push to 2500 renown in the past, as to remove an obstruction to kingdom progression.)


This delve was super easy.Also nice that it is just 3 fights :grin: Whilst getting to 500 with a non faction team I did faction at 200 and 400 to get the pets buff.
Basically just keep spamming Magma Dragon.
Got the 500 faction on the first try.


If you are lucky enough to have 2x Draak this is a superfast non faction team from 0 - 500
Just spam Mob and Draak. Ignore Doomed Axe - I only used it for a Drake spawn.


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I like Angry Mob / Suna / Rope Dart / Angry Mob for red delves; two Angry Mobs so that the team can repair itself with a summon if the top one gets whacked.

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@esslee How many T7 purchases did it take? If any?

Because I know it takes significantly more in the way of shop purchases than I invest into a weekend Faction Assault to get to level 500, let alone beating it.

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The Gray King spell does no damage when used with a fire gem. It only burns the enemy troops, there was 2 fire gems before and 2 burning enemies after.

I’m not sure why the after picture shows on top?

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Just an fyi, you can upgrade the pet to legendary at 2300 renown. No need to do a faction team run at lv 400. No need to do one earlier either if you plan on doing it at 300.


Nothing special around this delve. Just some good troops, somewhat useful weapon - that’s all. Wyrmrun was the last useful delve - I mean, for collecting resources and spending everyday scrolls.

What’s next? Will we see more kingdoms and factions this year?

I did 6 T7 purchases in all = 1,200 gems.
I guess I could have spent less had I not just gone straight for the boss each time (only 3 fights) and looked for some more valravens :grin:

Also, of course, it would have been only about 800 gems had I waited to get the free sigils on Saturday and Sunday but I like to get it over with :partying_face:


As someone who always goes directly to boss room, I must be doing something wrong: I need 9x Tier VII (once may have done it with 8x) to have enough sigils to reach 500 on day one of 3-room factions, with no lost battles/valravens
:thinking: :sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


Thanks for the info.
Wondering how much “bonus” you get from faction pet with “2 unique troops”?

Hoard level 135
3 x Nysha

I couldn’t saw the “Hoard level” info because of the “Image info frame” .
I’m at lvl400 and wondering if I should do a pure faction at this level.,
Thats why I asked for “pet bonus”

Edit: I checked Amanithrax , it gives +6 life with lvl20 pet. Not that big of a difference I guess.