New ETA for the fix of the Growth Pack

hey guys, (@Kafka)

Has we are arriving at the WORST case scenario time for some resolve of the Growth Pack promblem. Would it be possible to have an ETA even just too know what is up?


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I got an email 54 minutes before reset telling me it was sent, but here we are 5 1/2 hours later, and no delivery.

I been promised 3 times in 3 days to get my items and the last reply was they were sent yet nothing recieved

This is a company that is well-documented to assist its customers primarily during their office hours, even in cases such as this one when they have taken a customer’s payment and failed to deliver the goods.

Thank you for documenting this incident in the forums so other prospective customers can set their expectations accordingly.
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This is borderline larceny\wire fraud


I was told last Wendesday that I’d have it within 24 hours, only to find another message on Thursday, from @Kafka telling me that I was guaranteed to have them before the start of the weekend. Less than one hour before reset, I was sent a message telling me the items were sent. Now, almost 3 days later, I’ve received nothing. I’ve since made a purchase to see if that would force the items through, and have leveled up since I was told they were sent. Test purchase came through, but nothing has arrived from the Growth Pack.

I’m beyond irritated by this. If I had managed to pilfer $50 worth of anything from the game, I’d be banned already. I didn’t get to do the new faction to 2500 this weekend, and was counting on the 1300 gems in the pack to allow me to do so. Additionally, when I made the purchase, War was the only troop I was missing. I bought the pack to complete my collection BEFORE the new mythic released. Fortunately, I got the new mythic, but this is utter BS.


In addition to continue to inform others in the forums about this treatment of customers, you can rate/review this game in the app store, and even request for a transaction refund if the situation justifies it.

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I play on Xbox, so there’s not really any way to rate it that will have any impact on the game. I don’t want a refund, I want what I paid for.

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I got the exact same runaround as you canyonsurfer.I wonder how many others out there got screwed over as well.This is very bad business on thier part because they had the power to fix this issue the day it happened.I dont need the pack anymore i want refund because i am done with this game after GW

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Theres your proof of bad customer service

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Also noteworthy how they seem to prioritize trying to defend their morally questionable practices over acknowledging/solving these claims by customers who have not received the goods they paid for.

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Hi everyone,

In order to ensure everyone who was affected by this issue received their purchases, I requested a list of affected players from the team rather than only compensating players who sent tickets (that would be unfair on those who didn’t contact us directly for whatever reason).

Unfortunately, today I’ve realised that some players were missing from the list, and I was compensating from the list directly.

It is currently after hours on a Monday, so I will need to discuss the missing players with the team first thing during business hours tomorrow.

I’ll be making a list of the players who sent tickets but didn’t receive the compensation because they weren’t on the original list of affected players and we’ll review why you didn’t appear on the original list so we can make sure no one else was missed.

I’m very sorry we missed you in the first round of compensation. I’ll endeavor to compensate you as soon as possible.


Little too late kafka,i dont believe anything thats being said as i have been promised a remedy a few times already and each time gets me more upset.Messages being sent at the end of the business day is utterly shady and really bad customer service.


all the tickets about this issue were left on “pending” status and I requested in my last reply for anyone still having an issue to let me know, so that I could ensure all things related to the issue was fixed for everyone.

I have not considered this matter closed until every player who wrote to us confirmed it was solved for them.

So your case is still open and I’m not ignoring you - it was just the weekend which is why there has been a delay. I am sorry you were missed from the first round of compensation, your ticket will be replied to tomorrow with the next steps.


I dont care about receiving the growth pack anymore as this whole ordeal has solidified my decision to delete to this game,ill expect a refund in the future.Thanks

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That actually looks like good customer service to me. Allow me to explain.

Somebody messed up big with the Growth Pack. No suprise there, pointing out yet again that it should have been properly tested won’t help, IP2 has a track record of shoddy quality. Whatever half finished feature they can get hold of gets forced out of the door, collateral damage be damned.

Now, customer service, that’s essentially the suckers that get to clean up the mess, and there’s a lot of it. They have to do it manually, because trusting any automated compensation procedure written by IP2 would be highly unprofessional. They have to work with data pulled from IP2 systems, which seems to be roughly as accurate as the fortune teller of your local amusement park. They still attempted to fix your issue as best as possible. They had to use tools provided by IP2, so they wisely left your ticket open for you to reply whether the compensation really arrived.

Snarkiness aside, give them a chance. They are working on it, even out of business hours, the collateral damage just happens to be pretty huge on this one. You may want to let @Sirrian know that you were eager to spend a king’s ransom on the game, until you realized it’s less effort to just feed the monkeys at the zoo.


What is this the nineteen hundreds? Customer service being 9-5, Monday to Friday has long been extinct.
I wasn’t affected, but this statement is too telling. Someone that Kafka needs to process this has made themselves unavailable. Even small businesses in today’s 24 hour CS demand have a rotating on-call manager that can handle situations like this .
I believe the message that should be received here is that it’s time to update your customer service policies to this century. I respect Kafka for stepping up here, but the “team” has left you hanging.

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I wasn’t effected by this issue but it is still upsetting knowing this happened. Many players that do not get 2500 rep in a delve the weekend it comes out, never get it. Potions make the difference of a pure faction team 500 win being impossible without tremendous luck, and an easy win.

Specific faction events roll around every 20 weeks or so. They require having several hours of free time on a Tuesday, which is often unrealistic.

It is important enough for some players to spend 50 dollars to get the gems they need in order to complete new delves, because another 3 day event for that delve will never happen.

Getting your gems after the event is over is like getting your fancy new telescope shipped the day after Haley’s Comet passes.