New Doom ingot patterns

Can we get new patterns so we can forge doom ingots, please?

We can use mythic ingots for that…

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They said at some point that they wanted to have other ways in the game to earn forge scrolls, but it seemed like one of those “far off, maybe” things. Right now this is less of an issue because half of all planned doomed weapons are pretty bad, so the scrolls can just go to the other one.

Since doomed weapons will be craftable, if the next set happens to also be “good” hopefully the solution to allow the newer players to catch up comes before there are enough of them that the scrolls any person can reasonably get from an upcoming tower isn’t preventing them from having a dominant option. Because t6 is expensive, but 500 gems for 3 scrolls at t7 is absurd and you need that three times and floor 25 to max one weapon. Getting the scrolls to max a second doomed weapon with the shop if you happened to have needed to forge it and would be… 9500 gems. And it would always be 9500 gems, until another weapon “too bad to upgrade” came along as well as being available 2 arbitrary weeks out of a year.

No, I don’t think allowing mythic ingots to be craftable into scrolls is a good solution, though. Like they said on stream for epic ingots, we should just have a way to get more of them somehow. This can be a new game mode and not a soulforge tack on, since it is something that realistically everybody would be using at some point.

It’s already craftable :wink: :

If the next noun is a type of loot, then the answer is always no.
I have too many trait stones and souls and… everything else like you do too.

In this case, the no is because speedy doom ingots are locked behind gems.

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