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New class quests just appeared in Blighted Lands, Dhrak-Zum and Silverglade. Crashes game when you attempt to do them (RESOLVED) :)

On PS4, dunno about other platforms.

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Second that for Xbox.

At least another 3-4 months away then. Lame. :roll_eyes:

Android has them… I’ll assume it’ll crash if I try them…

Lol, nice to know they follow proper code release procedures. Sometimes I think they just migrate random code into production.

@Ozball @GoldPhoenix0 @Andrew

Might want to reverse this to save some crash reports from Sony et al :smile:

Confirm that the quests look available on mobile. (There is an indicator present, the quests still say “23/23” complete, but we can still click through as if we are starting a battle. It’s all very muddled.) Unlike our console brethren, they don’t crash our game if we try to fight the next match.

We’re looking into this at the moment.

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Please check back in about ~10 minutes - the team pushed a fix which should resolve this.

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