New bosses

Seriously guys! I try my best to stay positive, but seeing what you have done with the new bosses… You could at least hint us about their cost, for maybe make us wait a bit more before forging white orbs…
It’s not about their cost, but asking major blues… I mean many of us crafted whites…
Hope you will give us a way the transform back our whites into blues

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#1 rule in games like these: Never spend any resources until you need to.


I’m glad I only crafted enough power orbs for EK. I could have done 19 but decided to wait.

Why? :thinking:

Seriously, I don’t understand. Did you expect orbs of power to become more expensive? That’s the only reason I can think of to craft them ahead of time. Crafting them is easy and quick, and it’s not like you have limited inventory space or anything like that.

On the plus side, there’s no rush, the two troops are permanent additions to the soulforge and not particularly great anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Same here, never made White Orbs, when i didnt need then some minutes later.


Exactly my thought process :+1:

I was literally thinking about this yesterday - with the Power Orb from the campaign, I would have finally been able to get EK.

I was considering crafting the POs ahead of time to be ready, but then I decided - hey, let’s just wait until we get more POs they might add something else craftable.

Colour me shocked.

Ummm, @Eika anything left in the jokebox? :neutral_face:



It would be great to have some kinda disenchant option in the soulforge, but I’m sure there will still be use for power orbs too…

I crafted that mythic twin wolf beast, I do say hes top tier Mythic. How about you matey?

I crafted Skroll Reborn and, hmmm… Not sure about it yet, but it will take me a while to get those ascension orbs for the other one, so waiting for Palooza vault weekend…


Any adventages of crafting two of it? I was thinking the beast guardian is giving 50 % mana so thats two spots already.

I was going to test doomed staff, with warden class and forest guardian… could work!

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is there any classes that cant be entangled?

Having it not cost power orbs is amazing! Power orbs are so expensive. Please don’t beg for higher prices.


Me reading this.


And what good have it done if the price was 8 big white? You gonna come here and complain to everyone that it is too expensive?

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I’d crafted my Power Orbs too - thinking I’d need them. But it’s not a biggie, I crafted Skroll Reborn with Wisdoms that I could and I’ll wait to craft the other. Waiting for something isn’t the end of the world, it’ll make me appreciate it when I get it. And I’ll sit on 8 Power Orbs until I need them. Now…how about those pesky musician gnomes…where are they hiding? :smirk:


I didn’t craft any whites. So I am not included on those many players who crafted whites. Happy to discover that they only need oranges and blues.