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First Xathenos crafted?

So I just did it!

Might not be the first one to do it, but the first to post here?



So many soul you have… This must be a long grind for me…

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Playing three years have I been…


That’s nice of the devs to give you 3,000 souls of levels for free, seeing as you spent 50,000 on the troop.

Edit: derp. VIP bonuses.

Well done Jainus. I’m just waiting on my last diamonds to make mine :slight_smile:

Now got a useful team with him it? I’m trying to theorycraft one including Pharos.

I am currently doing TH to get Snots for the week’s challenge…

No idea if I will use him much: any theorycrafting suggestions most welcome!

(not sure I actually read what he does yet)

I’ve had decent luck slotting Xathenos in Famine’s slot of:

Psion, Ragnagorf, Xathenos, Spirit Fox.

Famine is probably more useful though

I went for dawnbringer first, but should have xathenos by Sunday in console land.
I accidentally bought 4 5$ diamond packs yesterday…

I look forward to destroying your pitiful Xanathos defense team in PVP. He will make a fine trophy to my collection.

I think I have a nasty Goblins/Mab team there, and the team-build and search UI is now so bad I don’t think I can be bothered setting up a Xath team any time soon…

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I slap Goblins around like an angry mistress - they’re no match for me. GIVE ME XANATHOS !



Xathenos needs better traits too.

Well done @Jainus!

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Dang, that was fast! Grats

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I am impressed and appalled at knowing how many denizens of Krystara you have crushed under your bloody boot straps… :cry:

Not even the first here. :stuck_out_tongue:

But congrats still!

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Got mine this morning:



Im close to you only need 200 diamond and he will be mine good job @Jainus

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