One-time crafts in the Soulforge

Hello, Adventurers!

Kobolds got loose in the server again yesterday. They’re all gone now, but as payback for her help, Dark Smith Drenza has insisted we re-enable all one-time crafts.

You don’t say no to Drenza… So feel free to dive in and grab yourself an extra Orb of Power on us!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Well then. Thank you so much for the Imperial Deeds and Deed Books!

ok that’s kinda cool

Thanks for handling this situation in this very player-friendly way!

Just for curiosity: You are aware, that the Orb of Power is by far not the most valuable thing among the more-than-one-time crafts, @OminousGMan? :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I thought too! Thank you GoW.

This was a very nice thing to wake up to!

Thank you GoW! That really helped me! Very awesome

There isn’t a free power orb in the soulforge for me. Costs 3 of each major orbs to craft. Is there something I am doing wrong?

The [Once Only]-Stuff occours only if you have upgraded the forge to the adjacent level i.e for a power orb you need to have the soulforge at 20.

11 > epic vaultkey
12-17 > books
18 > great orb of ascension
20 > orb of power


Is your Soul Forge levelled up? It’s unlocked at max level (20)

Now that’s a very nice treat. :heart:

Sadly, no. I never see cursed gnomes. I just got Soulforge 16 by 2. I haven’t seen a cursed gnome for weeks actually. I’m going to be real sad if they give something away and I can’t even claim it because of RNG?


Tbh nothing prevents you from spending gems on leveling soulforge.
Would be interesting to know how many of each kind of those goodies you can get of those you haven’t unlocked yet. If you are able to craft more then one, it’s just delayed

Not exactly. If you have cursed runes in inventory, game forces you to use runes to upgrade and you cannot use gems. Just tested on my acct and confirmed this is still true. You can only spend gems if you use up all your runes , at which point you have no runes to spend on crafting stuff. I didn’t spend 6k gems to upgrade forge on day 1 and have been hoping for a fix so I could use gems over time to upgrade, and save my runes for crafting

Should have said:
If you don’t have enough cursed runes, you could use gems to upgrade your soulforge.

I’m sure that upgrading the soulforge now will not give you any newly unlocked one-craft items twice. It will just let you craft it one time, as intended.

Whatever happened in their systems, the game basically forgot that anyone has crafted any of the one-craft items so we all get to do it again, but only one time, because this time, it will remember :wink:


Thank you devs for your kindness and generosity. We appreciate that y’all took a player-friendly approach to this situation :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Well don’t I now feel stupid for not having already crafting an OoP since I saved it before because it looked nice having the ability to already craft 2 and have the one time only underneath well i’ll do it… just incase it happens again… which I very much doubt it haha.

Just confirming I found a curse gnome today, upgraded the soulforge, and was able to craft the new one-time recipe only once.