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New and have question about kingdom progression

Tutorial has me doing Broken spire. Was wondering if anyone has a list of what is the ideal route to take for questing after broken spire is done? I unlocked Adana at the moment. Can someone guide me to which ones after those are good to quest in. Thanks

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There is a progression of which kingdoms open up based on your level. The map to how they open up is here:

Basically, you start in Broken Spire and then the map opens up based on your level and the kingdoms that you have unlocked.

In terms of which ones are best, I would say the main thing you’d want to focus on very early is unlocking kingdoms with the best questline troops (these are Epic-level troops that are added to your deck when you complete the kingdom quest). I would say that some of the best early ones to get are maybe Tyri (Zhul’Kari) and Rowanne (Forest of Thorns).

Overall, just focus on making steady progress: finish the kingdom quest to unlock the troop, work on challenges to get souls to level up your troops. If the difficulty gets too much, move on to something else and come back to the high-level challenges later when you have stronger troops.

The last thing I would say is to join a guild. For starters, find the best one that you can in the guild-finder. You want to find one with a large number of active players (check the guild roster to see how much people are playing this week to get a sense of this). There are hundreds of largely inactive guilds that are just sitting around and the game doesn’t give you an easy way to sort through them, so don’t be afraid to jump in and out of a bunch of guilds until you find one with some active players. Guilds are the best source of keys which will give you easy access to many more troops than you would otherwise get.

Good luck and always feel free to ask questions here!


This is great just what I was looking for thanks!


Remember to unlock dungeon and treasure maps as early as possible. Dungeon is in Drifting Sands, Treasure Hunt in Zhul’Kari. Dungeon bosses are very hard to beat on low level but there are a few tricks that can help you make it. Like using Xiong Mao (new Godslayer troop) on boss and devouring the rest. Probably the cheapest devouring troops are Lamprey and Bulette. Lamprey can eat blue troops. Bulette is even better but she needs to have 13 or more brown gems on board. To get the browns there you can use either Apothecary or Cockatrice. On my daughter’s account we (the designing of the team was a family effort :wink: ) set for her a team of Xiong Mao, Alchemist, Cockatrice and Bulette. Xiong Mao barriers himself, kills boss in a few casts and protects the rest of the team. Alchemist produces yellow and is very cheap to use. Cockatrice fuels Alchemist, and sets the board for Bulette to devour enemies on cast. It was possible to finish the dungeon as soon as on 20th level using that team (though it took a few tries each, usually you have to get a good starting board to make it). The toughest enemy so far proved to be… Dokkalfar (stealthy) and we had to exchange Xiong Mao for Ranger for this fight.


Darn i just checked and have 2 of those units but no Bulette yet. :frowning: