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New additions to Gems: Endurance Player Event/Seasonal Events

Endurance Player Event.
The player takes 12 troops into the event (no duplicates) and fight an endless battle until defeated.
The teams will be 4 x 4
Enemy troops will only be replaced when full team of 4 is defeated.
Player troops will be replaced from reserve after all enemy troops or your full team is defeated.
The game ends when you lost all troops.
At the beginning of each battle, the player troops are back to starting stats.
Your main hero must be in each battle and will earn 1 class point per battle.
Your reward will be based on how many battles you win.
Rewards after winning 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 wins.
Can only be done once a day

Sooo…where’s the shop?


Another addition: Seasonal Events
These would run all month and themed to a holiday or season.
You could have a special seasonal raid that give out seasonal troops as rewards such as the imps.
Seasonal events could be:
Jan Winter
Feb Valentines
Mar/Apr Easter or Spring
May Mother’s Day
June Summer
July Independence Day
Aug High Sun
Sept Fall
Oct Halloween
Nov Thanksgiving
Dec Christmas
One of these events could be for the anniversary of the launch of this game (I forget which month)
Other possibilities: Events base on a kingdom or type of troop or character class.

Endurance / Survival / Endless modes have been suggested before. These posts need a lot more thought to create anything worth debate, sorry.


For the record, we have Holiday Gems in the game now for some seasonal events, and the dev team also plan to release some new content based on future seasonal events or specific Days of the year!

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