Negative Treasure Maps


So some how my games glitched to negative maps and is allowing me to infinitely complete treasure hunts.


Nice bug.
I never get the good ones anymore.

Moved this to support though, as it is a bug related issue.


Scrnshts plz? :3c

Providing screenshots would better assist the staff in understanding what they’re working with.


From the way you answer many posts and topics I’m starting to wonder. Are you part of the GoW team? :smile:


How do i upload the screen shots.?


Contact support who can help you.


When you write a post in the forum, there is a small bar with basic commands above the text window - a speech bubble for quoting, the B for bold etc. The fourth icon is the button for linking, if you have uploaded it somewhere else. The seventh icon, a bar with an arrow pointing upwards, is the upload button. Click that one to upload a file from your hard drive right to the forum.



signed small int used and overflowed…?

Did you have around 250+ and then all of a sudden it went negative?


No. I had one map. It frooze on the final screen when adding gems. Force close three app and when i re opened it displayed as negative 1 maps. Now it just keeps decreasing


Enjoy your infinite maps! My wife would be jealous that’s the one thing she loves in this game.


It has corrected its self now after team reward of maps. :rage: was great while it lasted