[NEED VIDEO] extra turn on 3 match

Platform, device version and operating system: Mobile

Screenshot or image: don’t have video, screenshot would be irrelevant

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The AI made a 3 match by casting tai pan and got an extra turn.
I know for sure there were no sky drops because I was watching carefully as this was my fight against the paragon.
This then completely changed the whole battle - at least if this had been a skydrop I could have been bitter about RNG instead of broken coding.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens every now and again but it’s so uncommon I wasn’t sure if I’d just missed a skydrop, this time I know for sure I didn’t. But it looks like this has been a known bug for literally coming up to 5 years now.

Steps to make it happen again

How often does this happen for you? If it is frequent enough it may be worth recording your screen for a day. Without a video not sure if the devs have much to go on unfortunately.

Not saying this didn’t happen to you, but so far everyone who told me the AI got a free extra turn, either they couldn’t prove it or we were able to figure out why the AI legitimately got an extra turn. I assume the devs will thus ignore after so many false claims unless given proof.

Unfortunately it’s fairly rare, say once a month or so for over a year now but until this match I’ve always just assumed I missed something.

This time I purposefully avoided casting child of summer to fill EoE because none of the brown + reds were 4 matches and without a skydrops I knew that filling EoE was a bigger priority than my own yao. I would literally put money on the fact that there was no skydrops because it was the paragon fight and I was watching the board like a hawk.

It may be ignored but my sheer anger at losing a fight to bs instead of RNG or a misplay forced my hand.

I can confirm this, and even on both sides.
I am fairly sure I have seen this happening, sometimes I get an extra turn sometimes the AI get an extra turn.
I started to worry I am seeing things, but it is so rare I just thought I missed some 4 matches.

What speed is everyone playing on? We have analysed a lot of footage of people playing at 4x speed saying that an extra turn has occured from a three match and it’s always turned out to be a 4 match somewhere else. We would love to review any footage, as we have been unable to reproduce this bug internally.


It is extremely hard to catch since it happens only occasionally. It would require to record every battle for a month to see this.
I think it is fairly safe to say that everybody plays on 4x speed other speeds are unbearably slow.

Normally I assume it was a four match I missed, however on this one the ONLY matches were the reds cast from tai pan which I specifically left my child of summers cast because there were no 4 matches, there were no sky drops at all so there’s no chance for me to have missed a four match unless it happened off screen which has been said to be impossible in the past.

I do understand the lack of trust due to past errors from people, mistakes breed distrust and all, but I can’t record my gameplay for something that happens once a month on average when I play for hours every day and only on mobile.

I will stay content with the fact that I know definitively that I was right on this one but that it can’t be proven. Normally it’s a slight annoyance but not the end of the world, this one made me angry which is the only reason I posted - in case there was something different about my case that could be replicated.

Thanks for looking and responding salty, appreciated.