AI taking your 4-5gem matches in middle of your turn

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was expecting my dragon souls to explode the board and as the gems fell as they normally do I expected the 4-5 gem matches to be in my favor for mana gain and extra turn.
Instead as the gems fell into 4-5gem matches, the game slowed a bit as if it was lagging and the AI moved gems AS they were falling into the gem match instead so they stole my 4-5gem match.
I’ve only had it happen twice but I’m wondering if the lag bit is why I’m able to see it actually happen as sometimes I’ve wondered why the AI seemed to have gotten an extra turn it shouldn’t have gotten.

Steps to make it happen again

1.It seems to happen whenever I use The Dragon Souls ability.
2.When it randomly decides to slow down/lag a bit as its processing the explosion and gem drops.

Screenshots or video

If I can reproduce it on video I’ll throw a video into here, but as I said its a rare bug that only seems to happen when it lags a bit, it might explain some of those instances where it felt like the AI somehow got extra turns it wasn’t supposed to get.