Need new XBOX guild

Been playing about a week, and am lvl 630, finally bought celestial armour @_@ All worlds lvl ten as expected, and power lvl2 apart from magic which are on on powerlvl5.

I’m at about 2k trophies as of Today, and 2 million gold and tier 2 of event.

Looking for a guid that does all the basic tasks and most of/all stages of world event as a minimum please, Any active Guild is good

@rojo can possibly look after you, as part of The Unforgiven family.

…or pop in and say hi on our Discord The Unforgiven Guild

Thanks for the offer, but I don;t want to be sucked into your never end list of Guilds, being moved from guild to guild. I will wait. Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

No worries. Good luck in your search.