Looking for an active guild Xbox

Level 1,270 active daily. I donate minimum 2 million gold but often more. I buy minimum tier 3 in every event and get max seals. I also play guild wars and more often than not get 4-1 pretty much most days if this matters. Only interested in a very active guild that clears all events.

Looking for a guild that isn’t run by people who kick you without saying a word(was in this guild for around 4 months and never donated less than 2 million in a week and bought tier 3 for every single event) after donating 3 million and buying tier 3 in both the world event and invasion. If you expect me to keep playing after all rewards have been obtained then don’t bother.

Discord is Adam#1135 if you’d rather contact me on there

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Unforgiven has spots — I think @Scorpion_Punk will be reaching out at some point (we’re pretty busy finishing out Wars, but come Monday a lot of roster shuffling will be happening across our 6+ guilds), but if you’d rather check us out yourself feel free!


Dark Avengers Guilds have spaces open . You can check out our requirements here Dark Avengers Gaming if you’re interested .