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Need android clan 500 Trophies a week 150k gold

*Note. I will remove post when I have found a clan to join, so if you see this I’m still looking. Please message me.

Hello everyone my name is William and my invite code on android is R4GEASAURUS REX.

Im super addicted to this game. Truth be told I’m a newer player but don’t let that fool you. Im a quick learner and team player and not only that but because I enjoy the game so much I’m a spender too, 300$ so far.

Sadly I have no friends who play this game, I’m also looking for a more then casual clan because any game I play, I play to be the best I can be and I like to be competitive.

400 Trophies a week and 150k gold.

If you have a clan that’s looking to make that next push up on the leaderboards then I’m you’re guy. I’m willing to give you my all and contribute gold and trophys, all I ask is for a chance. I’m on all day.

Thanks for reading this and I wish you all victory on the battlefield, well unless you run across me.

Hey there, we are an active guild (Lolcats) currently at 120k a week heading to 200k over the next few weeks. We’ve gone from 600+ to inside the top 200 (in the last month) and still climbing rapidly. We’re hitting around 1k of gems and glory keys per week from contributions. No trophy requirements though. Let me know if you’re interested and we can add you when a space comes available (likely tomorrow midday)…


We are looking to fill a spot.

Audles is our guild. Rank 42 at the moment.

Tons of keys and gems each week, helpful and friendly guild.

Let me know if interested and I’ll shoot an invite.