Need active guild

I’m level 734 complete my seals and can donate 300k plus and 150 trophies. Pm if you have a spot.thanks

We only have 3 very active players right now but were very friendly and creating afamily oriented no drama team if your willing to join a little early

Battle Cry is looking for active players level 500 or above . Requirements are max seals weekly guild events 300k gold and 200 trophies.If interested let me know. PSN squirel76 thanks .

We have a spot at Assonance rank 47, we do all tasks and several legendaries aswell as 40k seals. All we ask of members is 250k gold 125 trophies and participation in all guild events each week. If youre interested let me know :slight_smile:

Rank 49 PARIAH is looking for good people and your donations are well within Our requirements.

warriors of light needed new members, message me if interested :slight_smile:

My guild RaiderNation (rank57, all tasks with some legendary and 40k seals) has room right now, for your level requirements would be 300k gold 1200 seals and participate in the guild events. If you’re interested message me your invite.

There is a place free in our Guild, the Scubadivers. No rules, everybody does what he can according to his possibilities. If interested send a message with your invite code.
Guild level 215 and rank 516.

Down thr rabit hole is recruiting were an active copetive frendly and easy going contac jujubean323

If you’re still looking, PARIAH still needs recruits.

Still looking for a guild we have 13 spots open