Looking for active guild, ps4

level 1275 , looking for active guild, not into crazy requirements…I donate 1 mil a week, 1500 seals…

Elite knights have a spot available. We are ranked 23 and in bracket 2 msg me at mekanator on psn for details

You still looking for a guild ? We have openings and simple requirements

yes, what are requirements, guild rank?

We are ranked 138 and climbing , are requirements are simple til we get more people , only donate guild if ur kingdoms are all lvl 10 , always participate in guild wars daily for the pionts to count , 1500 seals weekly , on raidboss and invasion just do ur best find me on PS4 and I’ll invite you psn GhostLycan007

We in PARIAH are ranked 49 and climbing, would be great to have another member of the level 1,000 club. Our requirements are WELL within your limits.

For most of our members the requirements are 250,000 gold, 1,000 seals and 50+ trophies.

Battle Cry has room.Requirements are max seals weekly guild events 300k gold and 200 trophies.If interested let me know.PSN squirel76 thanks.

PARIAH Is still looking for people, If you have not found a home we’d be glad to have you.

Shadows! My guild has a spot if you would like a perching spot. :slight_smile:

We have been doing a lot of work and reached League 101 sense you left.

I know the guys would be eager to have someone else who can help spitball more ideas.

If you want to decline I respect that. Just know you always have a home with me.

Hope all is well, toots.