Looking for an active Guild on PS4


Looking for an active guilde on PS4 without insane gold requirements that hits 30-40k seals weekly.

I can do 1500 seals and 300-400 trophies weekly. Also usually donate around 50-75K weekly.


Try @WishKiller as he is recruiting and I’m sure he can cater for you :+1:


PARIAH is recruiting and rebuilding…looking for 18 people to help us rise up in the ranks


I’m interested. PSN: Diversus

I’ll try to help you guys rebuild


give me your invite code here or on psn, Good to have ya




will add you in a few minutes.


The Corpsegrinders guild is looking for people who can turn in seals.
If you are ever interested:

PS4: InfernoOfLilith
Guild: Corpsegrinders

We are very welcoming and flexible within reason. :slight_smile: