Battle Cry ranked 66 bracket 3 guild wars is looking for active players

Battle Cry is looking for active players.All task completed, 40k seals and LT done weekly . Requirements are Max seals, Weekly guild events, 500k gold and 100 trophies. Active guild ranked 66 bracket 3 guild wars and no guild drama. PM me if interested PSN squirel76 thanks . Must be level 700 or above.

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Battle Cry is currently full.

Battle Cry has 1 spot open .

We have 1 spot open. Anyone interested let me know psn squirel76 thanks .

Battle Cry has 1 spot open .

Iā€™d like to join since its my first guild in neverwinter my psn is roca253647 and character is roca

This is a guild for Gems of War on PS4

Do you still have a spot? I could use a new guild. I am a returning player, level 1000+.

User name: SATHRIEL

We will have 2 spots open after reset.

We have 2 spots open. PM me if interested.

3 spots open

Still have room. Come join our fun family .

We are moving up the ranks come join the fun.

Still a couple spots open . Come help us with guild events . Join the fun.

Two spots open

One spot open

2 spots open come join the fun.

1 spot open. Come join the fun.

2 spots open come join an active and fun guild

4 spots open