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πŸ’Ž Need 1 power player for Guild Wars and possibly a forever home

We need someone who is about 1000 level and capable of 50k + guild wars scores.

We currently have 30 of 30 members in our guild. 28 members are 1000+. We would move someone to our lower level guild if a space is needed. We have 1 person that is unsure if they want to be in our more competitive guild.

If you are interested, and possess the stats that we are looking for, and do events between Guild Wars, you could join our Brackets 16 Guild Wars guild.

If you are close to 1000 and very active we could add you. It would have to be a judgement call and a leap of faith. Message us and let’s see what we can do!

Reply here or message gamertag Wyoming Pixel or CanyonSurfer or AsunaofOlympia and we can get you in the guild post haste.

@CanyonSurfer @Asuna_Scarlette @D_Houzz