๐Ÿ’Ž Mothers day is here. Anyone else give up the gaming TV to the wife/ mother of your kids? Well then check this out!

:gem_red: We have 1 spot left in our run to #1 in guild wars.

:gem_green: 20 of our 29 current members are over 1000 in level.

:gem_blue: As of yesterday morning, Saturday 05/12/18, The remaining 9 members averaged 646.8888888 in levels.

:gem_purple: Once people see what our guild has to offer they donโ€™t want to leave.

:gem_yellow: Of course we still project to have spaces available due to various reasons.

:gem_brown: Real life sometimes forces people to step away from this game we all love.

:gem_skull: When this happens our members, who leave on good standing, are always welcome back.

:gem_red: Every one of us started out at level 1 with the intention of getting to 1000 and beyond!

:gem_green: Our second guild is our development guild for those of you working to get to 1000

:gem_blue: In other words we have a guild for almost every player of Gems of War.

:gem_purple: Reply here and lets see where you will benefit all of us.

:gem_yellow: Send a message to Wyoming Pixel on Xbox live.