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Necromancy and other questions about trait

well i just unlocked this trait on my zombie but somehow i still get 5 souls out of every fight, now i wasn’t expecting a big bump but i’m pretty sure i was getting 5 even before getting the trait, am i doing something wrong? do i get the extra souls but they aren’t counted in the screen?

also enemies now have traits too! did this happen because i reached level 50? what triggered this exactly?

The trait card has to be alive at the end of combat for that trait to work :confused:


seriously? the whole point of the zombie is to die, that sucks so much, if i knew i would have used my traitstone on something else

Probably hitting level 50. I forget who made mention, but they are looking at the lower level experience to smooth things out. If you hit a wall, Arena doesn’t use the traits and may provide a way to progress while things get analyzed and adjusted.