Navigation focus since update (Xbox)

I’m finding it really frustrating to have the navigation focus constantly pulled back to the new badge diamonds at the top of the screen when I return to the main Menu Select screen from a selection. It would be preferable for the focus to stay on the icon of the selection I have just exited (like it did before the update).
For example: I select Mail, read my mail, then exit back to the main screen. Instead of the highlighted menu choice being the mail icon, it is the leftmost badge diamond, so I must navigate through the whole menu screen to get to wherever I want to go next. Using the Xbox controller this gets far more irritating than it would if I was using a mouse. (I know it’s a minor thing but it’s bothering me enough to be worth creating an account here to provide feedback in hope of getting it changed back.)


I also found this very frustrating this morning. Thank you for writing and detailing this out.

Funny thing is, there is no reason for the badges to even be there. Should be in troop select screen or something.

I’ve passed this on to the team and we are looking into it. :slight_smile:

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