Please move the Kingdom Pass icon

Please can we consider either moving or making the Kingdom Pass icon easier to navigate to. Sometimes the icon simply does not want to select and its really frustrating trying to get the icon to activate.

My suggestion would be to simply include it on the games tab the same way as we access all other events.


Out of curiosity, on which platform do you have issues with it? From my experience, selecting it on PC works without problems. Just tried clicking it twenty or thirty times on different spots of the map, no troubles.

Is a pain trying to navigate to it using a controller on console.

I often play with a controller on Steam and: seconding that. It’s a PITA to navigate to: easy to under- or over-shoot, and it’s a small icon with a subtle selected highlight so it’s often hard to see if you have actually landed on it.

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“Easiest way” is pressing right from Adventure Board button.

Although if you try this from Campaign or Shrines, nothing happens :person_shrugging:

Chat button > PvP button. Bad UI if using a controller :frowning_face: