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GUI Improvement: Disable quest icon and make explore default

This one if for controller support (consoles and PC).

When all quests are done in a kingdom, the icon should grey out so you can no longer click it. And then explore should become the default option.
If you rather not disable the quest icon, then you should still at least make explore the default icon (once all quests are done).

Because in it’s current implementation, if you click X twice, you get an no quests message that takes you back to the map screen. Yet, this is the default option?

This is just bad interface design.
Something that you click max 20 times is the default option, while something that you have to click hundreds of times, is not.

Please fix!


Explore should definitely be the default after you complete the quest, but it might be nice to allow people to replay the quests. For instance, my son actually enjoys them.


I would love this idea.

Default? You mean like for controllers? If that were my method of control, I would probably develop muscle memory for pressing left once when I open the menu, but I can see how its annoying.

However… this really shouldn’t be a problem at all. We shouldn’t be dumped into the map screen after every Explore to begin with. They don’t even need to do a new intermediary scene. Just dump the player into the preview screen for another explore battle (the screen you scout from). 9 times out of ten, thats what they wanted to do anyway. If they don’t, then it is one input to leave. Save having to move the menus around conditionally which would still require having to click into the kingdom, click explore to get the overlay for info, and click through again just to get to the scout screen between every battle. As a bonus, it saves me personally from that slight delay before the kingdom menu opens up every time that is increasingly wearing on my nerves.


Agree 100% once all quests are done that button on the GUI is now meaningless as far as I can tell. The default position on opening any kingdom should be on “Explore” so you can quickly open and launch into explore vs getting the “No Quests Available” pop up we all know so well.

It’s been months since this was suggested why is it still an outstanding issue? I’d think this would be an easy coding solution :thinking:



Its unfortunate that their recent overhaul has left the UI as clunky as it ever was. Its little quirks and vagaries have really been highlighted by the 4x speed.