[Reported] Controller menu problem for Medaling Troops

Long standing issue. I swear there was a report on this some time ago, but can’t find it anymore.

This has been a problem since the troop menu overhaul. I started medaling a few troops recently and this has been annoying the ever-loving insert curse word out of me.

When a player press the X button (or the Square button on a PS controller, assuming they’re going through the same problem), the Skills menu with the green circle on the screenshot overrides the priority of the old X button (featured in yellow) that used to remove a medal in the medal upgrade process. That X in yellow is still there, so it looks like its designed to still function.

That skills menu functions in all tabs, but is 100% useless for the purpose of Elite Levels and needs to be disabled on this screen.

As of now, you can easily press A/ (X on PS controller) to pick a medal, but you can’t press the button equivalent to remove it.

Very frustrating.

Yes, there’s a workaround, but:

A) pressing on the medal doesn’t come to mind right away and is also inconvenient to undo a simple mistake.

B) actually doing the workaround can lead to a waste of medals easily on a mis-press if you move down at any point to “Award Medals” while removing medals and gamble and fail. Or worse, use a higher level medal on a low rarity troop by pure accident (think Nysha on an Ultra-Rare troop, for example). Drifting control sticks are not uncommon.

That’s all, it needs a change.


Yes, I have the same problem on PS4. It’s not like upgrading quality level on Delves, when you have a button to remove one or more treasure you inserted wrongly. On elite level upgrade, when I press square, it opens a new menu and not remove the medal, as supposed since you have that option shown on screen. I simply get out of the “Other upgrade” menu and come back to avoid confirming wrongly the upgrade. One more thing they need to fix and it’s sitting for ages.

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bringing up my post. bump…

can’t even get this reported?

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your screencapture.

I’ve let the development team know about this controller issue.