Medals to Team Selection ASAP Please

I’ve had it. I’m done. I set up a whole new team for a delve, realize I probably want to change up the medals … go to the map … change the medals … go back to the delve. And I’m good, right? I start? No, I wasn’t good, it reverted to the other team while I was gone aaaaaaand I now need to play that one for nine rounds. Sue me for forgetting the UI is this shockingly bad while I’m overstretched hitting these lengthy and monotonous events.

We know the UI is bad. You should know the AI is bad, devs. Fix it next update. Not just band-aid it like this silly thing 4.8 gave us with a whole three options that are still in the wrong place! Actual fix. No “maybe we can but we don’t think we will” nonsense. Unless you’ve got something amazing that you’re working on instead (read: nothing in 4.8 qualifies as more important than good QoL fixes!).

And this is just me venting because I’m pissed, yes. Give me an hour or two while I’m less tired and thinking straighter and I could get a whole list of things that need doing, but I’ve already made about six of those and they’ve done no good …


Yep, it should be a priority, the UI is for the players to play not the developers to use to impede use…


It’s even worse for console players having to navigate to the top of the screen using controller inputs only :frowning_face:


Or mobile devices with only touch screens …


I got bit by this in the Faction Assault as well :slightly_frowning_face: :-1:.

I think the worst part is that it’s clearly possible to access the Medal Loadout menu from that battle prep screen as evidenced by Council of Chiefs, when you try to enter a battle without an owned Event Badge/Medal equipped, we just need a new button to get there.



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I agree this should be fixed. In the mean time, a temporary workaround is to copy the team code before exiting to world map. That way you dont have to build the team from scratch again


I guess at the very, very least, there could be a prompt if you’re about to lose a team you’ve just created for an event by exiting that menu.

“Your team for this Event has not been saved! Would you like to copy its team code to your clipboard?”

Yes/No, with Yes copying the team code and both options taking you back to the World Map.

This doesn’t solve the issue, though (unnecessary navigation), and especially not in other modes like PvP, Explore, etc.


Newer players don’t have medals. Or are confused by having to equip those Gaard medals and never change them again.

That would also apply to the blank Medal slots on the World Map screen, though!

It’s hard for me to make a call on whether or not it would be too confusing, since I’m past the stage of learning from scratch, but it could also make new(ish) players excited about the possibilities of earning Medals and switching loadouts to face different enemies. They might think, “Wow, there are lots of strategic elements to this game!” Little do they know they’ll have to farm Explore, though. :stuck_out_tongue:.

The early game experience already hides various aspects of the UI until it thinks you’re ready, e.g. PvP, the Guild button, possibly even part of the Settings? I see no reason why a button to access the Medal UI from the battle prep screen couldn’t be hidden until it was deemed less confusing, and have it’s own little tutorial explanation.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. Do you mean that since new players are unlikely to have many different Medals, if any at all, they won’t see the need to be switching loadouts at the battle prep screen?

I mean, that showing the medals per team won’t have to worry about what the little medal icons for each team mean since they just equip their one or two Gaards for each team slot and then never worry about it again. Once they assign a medal to a given team slot, it’s never coming off that team since you can’t unequip medals and early game has only a handful of teams.

Regardless, the design team has said that it has no intention of making class talents assigned to teams and not global* so I wouldn’t expect medal team assignments any time soon.

*I believe this says a lot about the game’s designers as there’s no way to defend such a decision except the technical challenge to implement it.

The pre-battle screen is too complicated and confusing? Have you even looked at the kingdom screen where the medal changeout is currently located? There’s about 20 different things on the screen not including the kingdoms in the background. The pre-battle screen has only your team and the enemy team…really confusing. :roll_eyes:


I think this is an ideal thread if at all possible to be at the top of the forum page. I don’t think we can do stickies, but I think it needs to keep being reinforced.

The most important aspect of playing games, before anything else, imho, is that the user interface is as helpful as possible. If the use interface is no good, problematic and/or truncated, then it usually gets a hard pass from the curious. To the initiated, it is just unhelpful.

As players playing GOW, we have the medal loadout, that is just simply put, poor.

How can we pass onto the developers that there should not even be a debate, medals should be assignable to teams, in the manage teams area? I don’t really understand - ’ we thought we had a solution but decided not to implement it’. Surely, communication with the player base on a massive QoL feature, would surely have resulted in feedback to simply load medals to a team. It should be like assigning a banner…

An example. I play Raid, I decided I want to run 2 medals of seasons and an ANU menu. I end my run, then go PVP.

I have managed PVP by creating teams for various opponents, as no one team is really not much good to you as a player. Personally from the POV of playing one team constantly, I’m not utilising much in the way of learning and improving my knowledge of the game, skills and least of all overall enjoyment.

So with the medals, it’s extremely frustrating to have to keep going to a global menu and swap medals and play.

So here’s an example. I used my Raid Sigils today, finished off, then went and did a pet, then into PVP. I had already forgotten I’m using my attack loadout, played a few games. Encountered L&D.

Swapped to my surefire 99% team for L&D. Start playing and realise I’m still running the medals of seasons. Long story short, I lose to a strong loop. Streak ends. So, go change my medals to magic and orpheus.

Next battle, encounter Webspinner, Infernal King, Doomed Xbow, Mercy, Frostmage. Swap to a 3rd loadout of medals and different team.

So I roll out the tank team, obliterate it, then the L&D is back up there. Go swap the medals, again for my L&D team and hit play, and of course I forgot to change the team back to the L&D team…

I’m sure this happens for a lot of players. We know the UI is designed as is in explore, as it has been stated.

I don’t attend streams as they are in the middle of the night, but perhaps we can keep banging the drum on this one. I can’t see an economy argument and it is the sort of thing that beta testers are there for, to point out something that could work better, for the enjoyment and satisfaction of players and developers.

Can we change medals to teams please!


Pretty please, with sugar on top, change the f’n medals to teams.

I had the perfect run set up for Crypt Keepers today. Maybe not perfect, but I once beat the Thick Head room while only losing the first troop.Dark Monolith targets weakest two troops, which is 1st two even tho 3rd has same stats. Could’ve been 2nd and 3rd but whatever.

But today’s run was wasted when Ancint Golem sniped all 3 of my Lady Ms. Why? Because I had useless Event Medals equipped. Operator User Error. I shall now print out pre-battle checklists each time I switch game modes. I realize even proper medal usage most often results in failure, but at least my Ladies would’ve taken two hits.

Save a tree, please. Pretty please. For the Horde.:rage:

Edit: I’m an Orc, not a programmer, so I don’t even know how much effort it would take but the game prompts for not having an event medal equipped when I return to the event. Maybe it could prompt me when I’m about to delve with useless medals…

Probably just easier to put the Medals on the teams. We could even have a pinning ceremony. “To alll who witness these events, greetings!”

I love a parade.


I already specified how I feel in a thread in february
Feb 28

Classes were once global in a similar way that medals are now. Guild wars being the biggest problem as people will wait until later in the week for you to change your medals the same way it happened with classes before.

Why do we have to go through the same long drawn out process of them finally being set to a team?


Would seem simple to modify the team code to include medals …


Yeah but they can’t monetize it. Or can they? :thinking:

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How crowded is the team selection screen on mobile? The current best excuse for them not putting medal selection on team selection/battle prep is because there isn’t room on the screen (the second is the ridiculous “new players will find it confusing” thing, which I will get to). Clearly its technically possible, because World Events both enter and exit this menu back to the battle prep. Therefore, the easiest to implement solution would just be to add a single button, like so:

(obviously your version of the button would be a black and white simple representation of a badge or medal, surrounded by a blue circle, rather than the copy paste I did in 20 seconds)

Said button would simply take you to the medal selection screen, and backing out would take you back to the battle prep screen. Thats it. Don’t even need to display your currently equipped medals here or quick swaps - that would be nice, but we just need medal selection here first and foremost. If adding this button this takes a huge amount of coding resources to do given what is already being done, then the code is in worse shape than I thought. If there truly is not enough room to fit an extra button in the interface row on mobile devices, that could be an issue, but I’m willing to bet there is room somewhere on here.

As for new players “not understanding”, think of it from the perspective of a player. They complete the tutorial and hit the map. Theres these huge diamond empty shaped slots at the top of the screen. They click on them. They go “oh, I don’t have any of these yet, I should figure out how to get them” or “I guess I don’t need to worry about this yet”. They enter a battle prep screen. They see a button with a vauge medal-y shape at the top of the controls (obviously not my copy-paste medal of seasons, but a blue bordered black and white version of this same thing would be adequate to be in line with other interface elements). “Whats this do?” (clicks on it). “Oh, its that same medals thing from before”. If they somehow interacted with this button first, then they’d have the same first time experience as if it had happened on the map. And thats assuming overly helpful Luther doesn’t show up and straight tell them about it (I can’t remember if he does this on this screen or after getting a medal). And theres a big question mark zendesk link on the medal selection screen, for those that still don’t know. I really, truly, do not understand the line of logic that it would be “confusing to new players” to allow medals to be swapped on this screen. “Overwhelming”, maybe, if this feature is tried to explained before they get the basics? But that would only be true if you can’t see medal slots until you have earned medals, because otherwise you can’t go more than a few minutes after starting the game without being exposed to the feature either way.


Personally I would get rid of “Festival of the Sun” because do we really need that? And place there the 3 medal slots exactly like on the world map.


That, or remove the Festival of the Sun icon in the middle ¯_(ツ)_/¯ :+1: or vertically to the left of the player’s team. But the singular little button in Mithran’s image works and is good.


I might not always have the best medals equipped for the next three weeks, but at least I won’t have USELESS medals equipped for the next three weeks.