Mythic Troop Spell: Phantom Port

Phantom Port 20 Mana
Choose one of your opponent’s Troop Spells and use it as this attack.
Cleanse all allies and barrier himself.


Or maybe I forgot, but its not possible to code as it is possible to select anything twice when using a Spell? For this spell u need to select(1) which of the opponents spell u gonna use, then you might have to select(2) which opponent troop the spell gonna count against, depending on their spell.

I’ve always kinda liked the idea of a Doppelganger or Spellthief-esque troop. It could be done by replacing the caster’s spell/colors/manacost with the target’s, then either:

  • giving it full mana so that it could cast the next turn
  • giving it half mana alongside another effect, like an extra turn
  • stealing the target’s mana, possibly alongside an extra turn

If one of the latter two options is picked, Goblin Spellthief could be a very interesting mythic!


I could live with any of those.

For additional flavor, its third trait could steal some amount of Magic on a 4/5 match…