Stealing troops spell?

As plain as possible: steal a troop from enemy’s team to my own. I don’t know whether it was discussed earlier. This ability looks strong enough, so that the caster must be Mythic (or Legendary at least). And I need to have an empty spot in my own team for stealing.

Maybe it would be better to swap troops: I “trade” my weak troop to enemy’s strong one.

Is it a bad idea? I believe it will be very useful in delves, but OP.

A direct trade is probably OP, but it might be cool to have a troop like Smeargle in the game, I think.

It could be capable of choosing an opponent’s spell to use as if it were his or her own—which is maybe close enough?

Wouldn’t give you the luxury of both a “kill” and extra meat shield buffer, but it would allow for the destabilization of certain strategies, especially if the troop started off the battle empowered and could copy converters before they fire…

Alternatively—you could make a troop like Ditto without it being too strong, I think—copy an opponent, rather than ‘steal’ or ‘trade’ it. This could also be interesting, I suppose—but I’m not sure starting off (basically) a card down would really work better than entering the fight with a well-balanced team to start.

A charm that has effect not on attack but on spell, working only if the enemy is at full mana.


I love that idea! Like a Spell Thief or Arcane Trickster. Would be tricky to use but the payoff would be great :slight_smile: