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My XBOX account keeps getting charged for free bundles

On several occasions during the holiday season I have seen Offers come up with bundles for $0.00. I figured it was a holiday promo so I clicked on a couple of them. Now a couple of days later I see that my XBOX account has been charged for $100…luckily XBOX support credited my account.

These money-grabbing developers need to get their act together…there is NO EXCUSE for charging customers blindly for items you list as FREE!!!

Stop playing with the graphics with every new patch and fix the damn game! On top of these fake $0.00 bundles that they charge your account for…the damn game still times out on many occasions if you walk away for 10 minutes or so…and counts as a loss against your Guild Wars, etc.

What a mess! Someone needs to get their ass fired.

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How many ‘free’ bundles did you get? On the other hand they could take it all back for exploiting.

Generally if something is free like that it is likely an error. Sounds like you may have taken advantage of them.

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It wasn’t free when you click on the button it bring you to xbox dashboard with the real price, now if you mash the button you might not see it and it took it direct on your credit cards,

1st advice go in xbox setting and add a code when you purchase something, it will prevent you to buy something by mistakes

If it looks too good to be true, it is!!!

Yes, the in game store pricing for their $100 offers have been total screwed up beyond reason for a while showing $0. But seriously look at what Microsoft is actually going to charge you in real life before clicking the ‘ok’ button. It ALWAYS displays is EXACTLY what is about to be charged your account.


I didn’t get anything…I had Microsoft remove the charges. To your point…they have been giving away stuff all holiday season…how is responding to a free offer exploiting? I suppose you have never responded to a free offer before? I am sure you would have called the developer first and asked them if you could pay them instead.