My V.I.P days are over Until/Unless Explode is fixed

As one of MANY that is P****d off over explode being nerfed to the point it’s completely useless. I will NOT purchase anything from this game again that involves real money. This is a completely unnecessary change that DRASTICALLY changes many players style of playing, Including Mine…this does not help the devs/GoW in any way…and sure as H#ll not any of the players. Fixing crap that isn’t broken is getting very VERY old in this game. So yeah, NO more money from me.

Nice Edit, But we’re not all PC gamers, @Ozball


You are entitled to spend, or not spend, as you see fit.

I have re-categorised this thread, it now lives in “Feature Requests and Game Feedback.”


Explode was out of control. It needed a change. It is in no way useless now.


I agree with Salty’s comment. I understand why this would be frustrating - after all, who doesn’t want more Mana? However, it’s important to remember balancing decisions are made with a consideration of the broader game-play experience in mind.




I agree with @Cyrup’s comment.


I haven’t played with this brave new world enough to have a strong opinion either way. I think everyone agreed exploders were too good. They’d still be pretty good even if you got no mana, in certain ways, so I don’t think this is going to be dramatic.

We’ll have to wait and see what GW is like to know for sure. I’m real interested in what happens to some defense teams I see too much.

Also keep in mind: Fizzbang and Nobend are 95% exploders in the hands of the CPU. Eat it, Goblins. Eat it and like it.


@Saltypatra and @Cyrup it mighty hard to please everyone. You get flack if troops explode too much and now because they are not Exploding enough. Seems you can’t win sometimes.


We can never win! And even if we could, it’s not about winning. It’s about what’s best for the game and all players long term. :slight_smile:


I’ve found that, for me, I’ve had the most fun when I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone of endless gold/soul/traitstone optimal explody grindy sessions. Something as minor as a daily task or as major as the new delve system that seek to restrict one’s options greatly enhance the overall fun factor.

So maybe explosions aren’t quite as amazing as they were, they still seem pretty solid from my (admittedly limited) experience with the new change. Honestly, 70% always felt like a wonky percentage to me…50 seems like it would be easier to headmath going forward.


Then put your money where your mouth is. Offer a refund to those of us who have supported this game who disagree with direction. I will gladly take a refund and you can delete my account. All these damn nerfs are ridiculous. This is not why I have supported the game.


If it makes you feel better, Mate, I pretty much stopped putting money into this game after the Gem Nerf, way back when, and after the Gem Sinks (Raids, Invasions, etc) were adding to the game. That was the straw that broke the Camel’s back for me.

No reason to be a VIP 5 now, let alone anything higher. Maybe still VIP 3 though. Free Scouting and all that. But I say bollocks to the rest of it.

So, good on you for finally saying “enough is enough”. I hit that point a looong time ago. Only thing I do now is every once in awhile I buy that 4 Guild Key pack for $5 when it’s on sale, if I can. But, I just look at it as helping my Guild Mates out. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I see a difference in filling the troops, but my worldbreaker still fills and can cast 4 times in a row when a storm is running. I’m looking forward to gw and am interested how that works now.


Certain ones yes absolutely.
Is Obsidian Golem too good? Hell no, he is weak, and now he is even weaker as is every other exploder in the game that was designed sensibly, hero weapon perk explodes etc.

This is a nerf that is aimed at some overperforming troops that hits many underperforming ones much harder instead.
Imagine to get Ishbaala in line they hadn’t nerfed her directly but trashed all troops that have a cleanse, or all transformers in the game. It is simply a really bad way to go about further eliminating the usefulness of troops that were already weak and niche, which is something this game currently needs less than anything else.


Exactly, when a big nerf like this happens refund have to be a thing. When I’ve spent money I spent under certain conditions, if those conditions change I must have the right to say no. This is legal robbery.


Spoiler alert: Every online game you’ll ever play will have updates and changes. Even if you spend money today, there may be a change tomorrow.

That’s not “robbery”; that’s you choosing to spend money on a product that will change. Don’t like it? Don’t spend - that’s totally your right.


So basically what you have to take from this post, don’t spend guys, they have the power to play with your hard earned money and you can’t do anything about it


If you choose to spend, then you are doing it with the full knowledge that they might change things, yes. That’s exactly correct. It also applies to every other similar game in the world. Spend or not, as you will, but don’t spend on a changing product then be outraged when it changes.


Try going to a store and demanding a refund because they change or update a product a couple years later. And if you can’t find other troops to use with the tons of other troops available, that’s on you. Try watching Tacet the Terror on youtube, he would gladly help you put together a team. Either way, when you spend money on a free to play game, you do it knowing it can shut down at anytime, it can change at anytime, and it can add features at anytime.

The explode nerf was mostly to hit goblins, I hope. I am sure Tacet, and my guild GM, will put together awesome teams that kick butt and 20% less mana isn’t going to change that…

Yes actually, if I go to a store and my product has a hole in it they have to change it or give me my money back, but apparently a dev is free to do whatever he wants with the product and you can’t say anything about it, how is that fair?