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Balance shoutout

Is Famine getting something like “Explode 10 Random gems if it kills a target.” ? Because with the ridiculous additions to the game mechanics and balance, it’s the only thing we can expect.

When Wisp came out, that was crazy. A troop capable of shifting the balance of the game overnight was one thing.
But seeing that Fizzbang came to game and my score for defense team went 11-2 in 2 hours, and then no one seems to play against it means that there are more than a few people agreeing with my point of view.

Can anyone tell me who came up with idea of joining a board explode with extra turn and actually implemented it into the game (not to mention other effects)?

This is probably the worst event in GoW history, where I deliberately AVOID any teams that involve troops I’m supposed to kill. And I can’t wait for GW.


The fact that you can rack defense victory just using 4 Princess is crazy

Looks like a vjm week for everyone, put manti up top.

This will be a terrible week for mid-range players.
Was this even play-tested?
I have died many times today on the AIs first turn.
Working as intended?

I watched 2 famines fill up from 0 mana to full in 1 turn last GW week. I was too shocked to be mad. And I’m a bad loser lol

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Shoutout to playtesting?



You should take some comfort in knowing the troop will succumb to Burning in 586 turns.


Give or take a 5860% chance to remove the Burning.

I stand corrected, though, this was obviously playtested, as they are capped at 1000.

This one has a 10% chance to die outright. I retreated.


I guess when the high-ups tell you to remove 75% of the iconic resource of the game, the priority goes.

One week of Guild Wars is gone. I wonder how they are gonna argument the gem income from there if they erase the sense of competition from the database.

I’m probably taking this too far.

But I’m definitely claiming Fizzbang to be the absolute worst designed and overpowered troop in the whole entire universe of this game.

It can potentially explode the whole board. It’s also the only troop that explodes all gems (of green color) on the board without being limited by Magic, it is also unaffected by RNG because any potential alignments still count towards Fizzbang thanks to the extra turn.
That not being all, Fizzbang also increases random stats, making it the worst possible troop for early-to-mid level players, which will make players experience eternal never-ending battles where FizzBang can loop to 1000 HP, Armor and Attack. And I silly thought this was a problem with Silvermaiden.

And last but not least, for anyone who would ever have thought of countering the troop, forget it, because the troop has stealthy just to make sure you can’t drain it with Spirit Fox early enough, or nuke it with Famine, nor devour it by Gob-Chomper.

This troop, is by far the worst joke I have witnessed in this game.
Thank you for listening to my rant based on real data and analysis.


I posted that in another thread about Fizzbang: