Please don't nerf Princess Fizzbang

Princess Fizzbang is a very good troop for new player in GOW.It can help us to defeat high level enemy in PVP.devs should try to find other way To solve the problem of “overpowerwhelming AI”.:cold_sweat:

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Please do fix Princess Frizz! I prefer playing GoW to watching the AI loop for 2 full minutes…

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Sorry @Melissa96… turns out that although she IS a great troop for new players, she was a complete Pain in the Goblin Butt to play against as a defender.

You can read about our change here: Princess Fizzbang change & hotfix


It would be nice to see some stats on Fizzbang and Grapplepot usage. I just had 23 consecutive three-trophy battles against the same Fizz/Grapp/Nobs combo. The only variety was whether the fourth one was another Fizz, Nobs or a Mab. All games become a race to start my mindlessly spamming extra turn explode spells before the AI does the same to me. Daft.

Dissenting voices are of course due to be heard - but the devs are looking at Fizzy already… and my nine-year old son knew she was a bad idea when he looked at her on Monday morning…


Although a bit disappointed,but i still want to say thank you.At least she is keep the princess goblins not became a normal gonlin girl after the changes.:persevere:

princess is still op defender but useless to be used in attack now


Congratulations to everyone who spent 4 days begging for fizz to be nerfed! What happened? Now the damn card is perfectly useless on invade… Still a complete pain in the ass to battle against tho so well done…

I cant wait to see all the posts asking for further nerfing of the princess…

And to the devs… From now on can all our new cards be a different color peasant? That way they wont have to be nerfed 4 days after release. Thanks…

A very angry and disappointed


I am not sure what you consider when you do troop balancing. Right now fizz is EVEN harder to fight against, while fizz in invade becomes considerably weaker, especially against a fizz defense.

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@Vangor: if a single troop takes over the entire meta within 3 days after its release it is OP and should be nerfed.

But I think the nerf wasn’t done in a clever way. @Sirrian already said that in hindsight: explosion + extra turn = bad idea. So I am confused why they just did not take away the explosion. That would have made much more sense (and would follow their own reasoning to nerf fizz). Now all that’s been done is including another rng element info something that didn’t need it.

If you take away the explosion fizz would still have a boost for all allies and an extra turn. That would certainly still fit in the goblin thema but would no longer allow for infinite looping (by both human and AI).


So using this line of thought the orcs should have been nerfed immediately following their rework? Cuz iirc that entire week all i saw were orcs… Everywhere i looked… Orcs

Now fizzy is useless and your proposed solution is take away explosion? So when fizz casts she is going to give a random ally a buff to a random stat…

Either way she is collecting dust in my collection book nice and snug in her soft plastic sleeve adorning the page of the other 300+ useless cards…

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That is a phenomenon brought to us by Unity.
Before Unity exoplosions resulted in a board with nothing more than a possible 3-match 90% of the time. Now explosions board settlements can bring doom and destruction for either side making the extraturn after it so much more valuable.


There are so many things to fix before that. OP cards was left in the game for months so I don’t see the urgency here.
Queen Mob is still unchanged. Kraken was modified but still an issue. Pestilence. All cards with passive that act on 4-5 match. Freeze skill is op and doesn’t work as it should (sometimes it prevent the extra turn, other don’t). I waited for those fix but nothing has changed so far. So I don’t think Pricess Fizzbang could break a game that had already all those issues. She merely shifted the issues.

Mab and kraken need a nerf? Really?

I give up! This is ridiculous! Once again my argument is this"lets just make every card peasants…"

Im gonna go find a tap game…


…and here you go brudda!

have fun! :wink:


Can you explain why Fizzbang is now harder to fight against? She now does only one of the things she used to, so she should be strictly easier to fight against. Unless you are pitting Fizzbang against Fizzbang, in which case she isn’t harder to fight against. Just (as mentioned elsewhere) more annoying – you want explosions for yourself but stat boosts for the AI, and anything that goes the opposite way is frustrating.


New Fizzbang fails @Jainus’ test: it is more irritating in the hands of the AI than it is fun in the hands of the player.

That said, old Fizzbang was clearly OP. She was hella fun in the hands of the player, but very difficult to play against except by bringing a Fizzbang of your own. This is, of course, compounded by the new AI’s skull de-prioritzation and the (apparent) increased likelihood of matches when gems fall from offscreen.

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Mab is part of an auto loop and has a strong passive ability that could be activated multiple time. She can freeze alsmost an entire team even without being completly lucky and she doesn’t have to do nothing for that to happen.
Also, her skill does a lot of damage if her magic skill is high, which happens a lot. At higher level her damage is mostly done by her magic skill rather than by the mana burn on enemies. There’s not counter to that.
I believe her skil should be capped in some way, maybe change the multiplier for her magic skill.

Kraken has devour that is already a broken mechanic. But it also has the passive damage on 4-5 matches that could be activated more than once per turn. It also has the +health on 4-5 match with the same issue. I saw it gaining 50+ health in one turn.

I saw you said nothing about the other things I mentioned. Do you agree or did you gave up on the disagreement with the claim you mentioned?

I disagree that Kraken is overpowered. Currently bugged (in that the devour will proc on the new last troop if the damage killed the original one). But it is much, much easier for the player to chain a long sequence of 4- and 5-match turn extensions than it is for the AI.

There do seem to be some issues with how blobs are resolved, causing a lot of extra triggers of traits. This is a problem with the match-finding code, though, not the troops that trigger on those matches.

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I am well aware of what mab and kraken do thank you… Also if by pestilence you are referring to famine then i suggest yougo back to some threads from about 3months ago (i think) and read about how i felt about nerfing it then… And then again!

I will wait and once you have read those threads if you still want to talk about famine with me… Well then good luck with that

Mab feels fine to me, given that there are several counters around. Kraken is another story, there’s currently too much room for abuse in the third trait. Personally, I’d vote for changing the way match based traits get triggered. They should probably only fire once for each move, even if multiple matches happen simultaneously.

Yeah… Like i said, lets just nerf everything to the same level of uselessness. That should make for a fun game

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