Please don't nerf Princess Fizzbang

Yes, that sounds like the very definition of balanced. Excellent idea, thanks for bringing this up, I fully support your request.

Dear Melissa, new players are supposed to spend heaps of real money for the pleasure to gamble for some powerful Mythic.

(There are basic level cards that can do nasty things too, keep this in mind. Goblins are still a pain in the backside, even with Fizzbang nerfed. You may also want to try some double-Fizzbang team. Nobend/Fizzbang/Fizzbang/Grapplepot, if you have them, for a surprisingly slow and tactical game)

The problem is not what happens to single cards. The problem is that nerfing all new challenges and carefully preserving the old usual ones, we still are in a swamp of Mab/Famine/FG/Kraken teams.
This said, you are right. This request for nerfing Fizzbang gave the devs a good reason to carve another card good in defense, awful in attack. So useless, because all you need in defense you likely already have.
So good only to spend some resources on, all considered a good move in a short-term strategy.

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No, this isn’t how Mab works. She mana burns for a value of her magic plus the enemy’s mana - all the damage she does is mana burn. If you have mana shield or impervious, Mab’s spell does zero damage. So the counter to Mab is any troop with Mana shield or impervious.


I would gladly do that, but at least provide a link for your post.

You are right, I meant Famine, I don’t know why I did write Pestilence ( and kept writing that).
My point is that there are some passive ability that works really bad and doesn’t scale the same way than other. With have passive that doesn’t do much and passive that make the game unbalanced at higher level.
In my opinion every card that modify skill should have temporary effect not fixed one. It would make them more balanced.

While I agree that nerfing some cards make them less fun, it’s also true tha it’s not fun to play against them if not fixed.
I gave up on having a balanced game month ago, seeing that not much has been done about the issue, so at the same time I don’t find it right to immediately fix/nerf a card while neglecting the others.

I agree. That’s why I don’t understand the instant nerf. If the dev prioritize balance, there are other cards to also fix that are untouched. If not, Fizzbang should stay as she is.
As you said we have too much fixed team like Mab/Famine/FG/Kraken (that I unofficially call cheat team).

That what I meant. At higher level, when she has maybe 20 magic or more, you have 20 fixed damage plus the mana burn for a cost of mana that is not particularly high. It’s a lot of damange and is not easly counterable. Yes, you could choose a card with those traits, but you have to specifically choose all the card to counter that while the enemy team does not have any downside. Also the passive skill doesn’t require much work while to counter that you have to choose specific cards. In the end you doesn’t have much choice for a team while the enemy team with one card has already forced you to change all of your team with no downsides.

It could be fixed however. For instance, the damage done by her magic skill could be capped or calculated with a different multiplier.
For the passive ability maybe it could only be triggered one per turn ( I have the same suggestion for all passive on 4-5 match, but I don’t know if it would make them useless at this point). Freezing is not a light matter and is already not working properly, it could easly cripple your team without having to do much.

If you’re using Mab on invasion and expecting to use her to do damage, would you take her into a battle if a single card on the other side had mana shield? I wouldn’t. Likewise, I find that if I have one or two cards with mana shield on my invade team going against a Mab, I don’t worry about her mana burn. Even if she kills my other two troops, she literally can’t affect my two surviving troops. It’s not a guaranteed win, but it is a huge advantage.

Scouting and then choosing a team to counter your opponent is a huge part of the game and Mab is absolutely not a problem - no fix required. If you see a mab team, use some of Valkyrie, Amira, TDS, Manticore or any number of other mana shield/impervious troops and you’ll be fine.


One card that can both freeze without doing nothing (passive) and do a lot of damage even if the opponent doesn’t have much mana (active). Sure, you can counter that by choosing from a restricted pool of cards, but the enemy team have 3 other cards to counter.

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Look at how adorable the little thing is! How could you ever want to nerf something so cute?


thanks for your suggestion.friend.but i think fizzbang(before dev nerf her) is only one who can help newplayer to win 3 battle of dungeon and GW everyday in GOW.thats important for us.but she is dead now,became a useless troop.the change is very painful.

She has a skull and Dark Monolith looking motif on her dress. Begone foul daemon Goblin.

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and now, dungeon and GW became a task which involves much difficulty for newplayers.I don’t understand why it’s not her fault but devs decide to punish fizzbang and cute goblins.:sob:

I never imagined, not for a moment, that Dungeon difficulty was not scaled according to the player level.

The cards are more or less randomly given so I don’t know what you have. There are several threads were people share their teams. Some are very basic, some very unusual. Some I cannot afford :frowning:
You can post “I have two peasants and a stick, how can I kill multiple Famines” and someone will suggest you some amazing team. Nothing can guarantee you easy wins, not even with multiple Famines, though…

I can grant you that you can and will win without Mythics and without Forging.

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More so - the entire purpose of her was BANG…blow things up.

Now it’s MAYBE blow things up.

I would give up the add bonus skills just to have her blow things up!!!

@Sirrian - seriously you nerfed in the wrong direction here. Please give back her BANG, and lower her skill bonus adds… She’s useless now on an offense team… I might as well just put Ragnard or Gortha… or go back using TDS.