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My Thoughts So Far (Update And More)

Keep in mind these are my thoughts only, and may not be reflective of your own. This is just my take on things so far, update or just things related to GoW.


  • I Love the change to TDS (and the baby dragon rebirth is kind of cute)
  • Treasure Gnome is a nice little addition (hold still you!)
  • When changing visibility on troop cards the font also should have been increased. (I have a large TV - 50" and still so tiny to me. I can just imagine how it looks on smaller TV’s.)
  • Frost is still one of the harder effects for me to see. And update really didn’t make that any better.
  • Treasure Hunt is still a waste of time for anyone over level 500. (I tried it and compared gained resources vs other methods available.)
  • Still not sure of the other modes or orbs, so far reads like more time will be needed to do it all.


  • Nyx and Psion and some other still are a tad too big for their britches. While TDS got some balancing, I wish these others had also been worked out.
  • The system really should update the pvp log when someone fights you. Currently you have to either play a mode or spend 50 gold if you feel lazy to do a mode. Just for it to do a function it already should.
  • In Guild Wars Bracket 2 bottom 10 should be similar to bracket 1 bottom 10. I’ve watched that for weeks. A bottom 10 in bracket 1 goes only to 2. It does not get bumped down 2 brackets. While bracket 2 gets bumped down 2 brackets. 1 & 2 are both hard and should have that in place for both.
  • AI Should be smarter when to go and when not to go. It often does things in very strange ways. Of course we don’t want impossible but smarter a bit = nicer challenge. Over the AI just handing it to us.
  • I personally feel that only 1 troop should be allowed in a team (not 4 of the same one). Though others may feel differently.

Overall have always really liked the game. Thanks for the update <3



Just my take on a couple of your points:

Level 1377; 6th highest in the game according to gowdb, and I play Treasure Hunt every day. YMMV.

RNG is enough, I don’t need a smarter AI. The combination would be excessively nasty.

I have 4 troops of a kind, I can use them all if I want to, otherwise I might as well only have one. The devs have previously stated this will not change and I agree.


There are at least 10 more people with a higher lvl than that who are not registered on gowdb.
Not that it is relevant for this thread.


Honestly curious. It’s long-since felt to me like any other game activity is a better use of my play time than treasure hunts.

I’m well over level 1,000 and play treasure hunt and arena for fun at times. Some players aren’t focused on a min-max resource goal.

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As I said, according to gowdb. But being pedantic has always been one of your greatest charms, hasn’t it?

True…, but in an ironic twist you and @RiverSong are actually Maxing your Gems (and partially Glory) gains by playing Treasure Hunt.

Because I like it. I’m so end game that resources of any type aren’t an issue, so what I get from it doesn’t matter. Efficiency isn’t everything. Sometimes fun is a factor.

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