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My phone is broken (Android), how do I get to my account info so I can play on PC?

my phone is broked i cant play for few days i just play on phone now i want play on pc but how can get my acc if cant get my phone back.

Hi @Tanathos; I’m not entirely sure but I updated your title to better reflect your question in case someone else has an answer. My best guess is to open a help ticket with the devs here:


Sorry but my english suxs >.< i cant get my account back bcoz my Android Phone is broked >.< so i wanna play on pc but ask for some code i just have my e-mail goolge account :confused:

No worries about your English; I was able to understand what you were saying. I still think your best bet is to open a support ticket with the devs in the link I posted before. They won’t be able to help you here.

Normally, you need to get the Code from the account on your Phone…
So obviously in this case you can’t do that.
So yes, you need to submit a ticket to the link @ogunther provided and explain situation.

They’ll need your google email account, and possibly the name of your character and level for confirmation. If the ticket is non-responsive, you can post directly here to the developers @Nimhain , but only if you have opened a ticket first. Otherwise they won’t be able to track your progress either just on the forum.

Thank you i hope can get back i play for almost 1 year in the bus to my work lol

I would wait 24hrs or so before pming me. Unfortunately the server issues last night has meant that we have received an increase of support requests. So it may take us some time to get back to you.