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My guild is looking for new members

LaughNow CryLater is a new Guild and are looking for new members,
We are looking for people that like to be in a Guild were everyone contributes…So far there is only 3 people in the guild and there is plenty of room for more.

Our Current League is as follows:
Bronze III
Promotion: 100 Trophies
Daily bonus: 5% Gold

Guild Bonuses are as follows:

Water Mastery +3
Fire Mastery + 2
Magic Mastery +3
Nature Mastery + 3
Wind Mastery + 2
Earth Mastery + 2

If you would like to join LaughNow CryLater
Please leave your invite code or look us up!

Looking forward to getting new members!

hey im looking to joing a guild my invite code is ARGAMON_FRTX I play daily

Do you think you might want to join our guild? We have 7900 trophies so your daily bonus is doubled. We have plenty of space so you and your guild members could join. I understand if you’d prefer to stay in your guild but gaining members can be difficult. My Gamertag is ImFlabalicious is your interested.