My feedback on Gems of War

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Don’t come here voicing opinions if you don’t like other people disagreeing with you.

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Is there something wrong with you? I’m a noob. now that’s really funny especially coming from a person that refuses to look for counters because its easier to Nerf everything in sight that might pose any challenge whatsoever.

As much as I’m not a fan of Rojo he’s far from a noob.

I’m a noob and I say make the game harder. It’s too easy. Dont tell me to quit and go play a different game either. I like this game and where its heading. If they make an empowered troop that’s spell says kill target team than I will be in here complaining along with you, but until then this is one or two weapons and just because they make the game a bit more challenging does not mean they need to start nerfing. Just wait until they make troops with counter spells. Lol, good times.

If Rojo actually has an opinion, which I sincerely doubt, then he can voice it in a normal way instead of being a clown towards me for voicing my opinion. He can say whatever he wants but insulting me over my opinion on two weapons is ridiculous and I will not have it. All I did was give him a taste of his own medicine but even that he doesn’t seem to understand given his reaction.

Also, he keeps making these wild assumptions like I don’t use counters to handle particular decks which is of course complete nonsense. Nowhere did I say that I can’t handle them. All I said was they stick out like a sore thumb when it comes to power level and it would serve the game to balance that out a bit. Then he comes along and starts spewing his deranged imaginings about me, my skills and ability to deal with said weapons. And I am supposed to take him seriously? Really? Really really?

Yeah, not going to happen.

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Nothing wrong with making a game hard as long as it is fair.

There are ever increasing difficulties in battles as time goes on…factions, weekly events, challenges, and soon to be explore
I’d rather have them make the 600 useless troops useable, then nerf the few things that are slightly better than the 100 useable ones

Long time players have seen the trend, people who lose to tough teams in pvp/GW ask for nerfs
They do it sometimes, and it becomes worthless for the difficult events
Then people complain that it’s pay to play because they don’t have the mythics needed to win high level events,as they are the only good troops that can still do it

People complain it is pay to play (or well, at least I do) for reasons such as point 8 of my original post. I personally do not think being able to get cards by throwing cash at it is P2W. You will never hear me say that. In fact, in my original post you see me support that under point 6.

I do think balance is important though. And I think in the case of L&D and RD the balance has been upset too much. There is a difference between “WOW! That card is really good!” and “WTH all that from one card?!”. All I am saying is bring those two down from the latter to the former. In the case of L&D that can simply be achieved by removing the blessing. Still a really good card then, just doesn’t tower miles above the rest. As for Rope Dart, all that at only 14 mana? No wonder I keep encountering the same deck over and over again…

You see, the downside of cards like this is that you keep encountering the same decks over and over. You can tell me all you want but that is boring as hell. Last GW I encountered RD decks about half of the matches. That tells me something is off. By a lot. But hey, I am not asking anyone to agree, as long as you are civil and have proper reasons then that is fine.

My Life Death and Rope dart Def in last Wars got zero wins. The people facing them found counters. Maybe you should do what they do. Find counters. I’m in bracket 1 wars which is much harder than any other bracket. If you want Def wins in B1 wars you better come up with something a little harder than something people see every day.

Not a fan? I have had next to zero interaction with you. I was in same guild at one time with you and did nothing to you. Don’t even remember a conversation.

It’s good feedback.
Forum posters like us do not represent the vast majority of players, who just never post here, and silently quit the game when they get fed up.
The 2 weapons you named are definitely well over the others. Can they be beat? Of course. Are there counters? Sure.
But that does not make them balanced.

Also, we all know what these awesome great players counters are: basically don’t let the opponent have a turn.
This game is sick, the power creep ate it alive.


Funny thing is so many want so many things Nerfed that someone was asking for one of the counters to be Nerfed in another thread. If you think things are not balanced now just wait til the update. Does everyone want everything balanced so that the only thing that matters is your level. There is no such thing as balance unless you tell some people to stop playing.

To be fair that’s tbh the only real counter for everything righ tnow in game, last GW i lost 2 matches vs same team, was a L&D, it’s L&D fault? nope, it’s Orbweaver fault? neither, in 2 matches 5 out of 8 troops died to deathmark (included a 300 hp untouched tidecaller that died right away).

AI took like 4 turns in 2 matches to “kill” me, despite “counters” (like mercy to make his grave seer being useless but look! on first turn he filled and casted AW and with a cascade and my whole team got permaforever webbed then, hence the 300 hp tidecaller, almost killed them all with a 2 damage each cast Truffle, sadly after 10 mins AI managed to get a second turn and dmarks kicked in lol).

Funny that the feedback was about thief, when Orbweaver was a much better and common example. :slight_smile:

  1. There are various terms for that like Skull fall. It does seem to Skull f*ck people at the wrong moment. It’s been a complaint for years. I barely notice anymore. It’s a given, like paint on my walls.

  2. When thief generates more guys they’re stealthy too so it’s easy to counter. Orbweaver spawns non-stealthy troops which must be killed first. Without AoE, so much more annoying than thief.

  3. Sure, but if you want a guaranteed choice, get new mythics during their debut or craft them with diamonds. Us old-timers didn’t get the diamonds option, so even these packs were a good chance.

Overall the feedback is pretty valid and has mostly been voiced many many times. Maybe you’ll be the one they listen to. They do sometimes make changes to feedback, including mine.

I get what you are saying but on point 4, the chances of getting it is awefully low. I went through at least 4000 chests to get The Gray King and have nothing to show for. So IF you get the new mythic then yeah, that is where you have a choice but there is absolutely zero guarantee that you WILL get it.

Epic tinfoil hat time
That and I have a sneaking suspicion that you get hard blocked from getting new mythics from the chests due to the curiousness of being able to predict whether or not I am going to get it based on whether two other people did. If my brother gets it, I won’t. If a friend of mine gets it, I will too. Very curious as this has always been true. Makes me think there’s shenanigans going on here. Of course, conspiracy theory but still, it is a pattern that stands out to all three of us as this has been the case since we started. If my friend and I get it, my brother doesn’t. If my brother does get it, neither me nor my friend will get it. No exceptions to it.

Sure, random is weird and patterns can be found where there are none to be found due to the way the human brain functions. But I am suspicious about this as this pattern gives me 100% accuracy in predicting getting the new mythic. None of us see a pattern in which set will get it but once one of us does then it is clear for the others.

4000 chests of what kind? 4000 glory chests gives you less than a 50% chance to get a mythic. 4000 gem chests or level 6 guild chests is a 98% chance to get a mythic. And if you open 4000 VIP chests but don’t get a mythic, you absolutely deserve to complain—the odds of that are 300,000,000,000,000,000 to 1.


It’s 10 glory base value, multiplied by 2 for kingdom power level 6, multiplied by 2 for home kingdom, multiplied by a low value based on guild statue levels. Going by 43 glory, the guild statue bonus is higher than 5%, lower than 10%.

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Oh guild statue, thank you!

It sounds like there’s a discrepancy in how it’s rounded in OP’s case. The displayed value is rounded up and the earned value is rounded down.

ahhhh ok that explains it!