My current arena experience

I’ve recently been playing the arena. I need souls and I’m burnt out on Valk.


  1. Sorcerer class, level 20, magic perk.
  2. Crescendo hero weapon.
  3. Whichever team card is most useless I place as the tank.
  4. Hero is usually in 3rd spot. I honestly just focus on filling him up unless I have a transforming card in the line up.

So far its been pretty fun. Its nice getting around 900 souls at the end, which usually takes me about 30 minutes to win 8 matches in a row.

Yeah, it’s pretty broken right now with the Hero Class magic counting. So long as you’re decently high level your hero can solo the thing.

Sure, but then you should make higher difficulty runs. On Warlord I, you get about 1250 souls (with Celestial Armor).