[Music Video] They've got the nerf

Hi everyone ! I’m back again ! Last time @Whiskeyjack (aka Dddd) wrote some lyrics and I did something on it ! :wink:
Hope you enjoy ! If anyone has new ideas or lyrics i’m still in.


Great song again! Only few (ancient ones) I think were missing were:

  • Lady Saphira when her damage could 1 shot 1/3 of troops, back when no instant kill existed other than skull spam.
  • Silent One’s endless silence that would last 2-30 turns, but it didn’t silence self, no immunity to silence existed, and silence use to mana drain too.
  • Webspinner when it got buffed when it needed a nerf; back when its gem spawn scaled on magic, then it got a damage buff on top of that.

Thank you a lot for all the suggestions ! :slight_smile:

Nice work as always @kanevan!!

I will be adding it to the Jukebox!!

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Thank you a lot @efh313 ! :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked it !

Great work, thanks!

@Jainus Thanks to you ! :slight_smile:

Awesome work @kanevan, sorry I didn’t comment earlier!

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No problem ! I’m glad you like it ! :smiley: