Dark Song? hmmnn

I never understood it, this is in my opinion the coolest looking Orc, why so meh after rework?

I’ve been trying to figure out if I consider her a nerf or a buff. I like her ability to steal mana from Daemon and Orcs.

Right now, I end up playing Fel’Dras, because she scales so much better at the end game.

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They Buff Nerfed her, a buff that made her weaker. :stuck_out_tongue:


She got Burfed


This will be memed and will now be a part of this forums conversation forever.

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She was the last one at the buffet; only got the dregs.

Dark Song actually had a place on my Purple Team last week, helping Psion with mana drains and being a much-needed damage spike/tank, with an extra magic link to boot. Of course, I refunded her right after I was done with guild wars since I don’t see myself using her much at all after buff week is over.

you mean like this?


She’s like a Marid that doesn’t even give you maps. I didn’t even use her during Orc week.

Lets hope that the superwoman Orc will get another rework soonish! :smiley: @Nimhain @saltypatra I am 100% confident that you agree with me! :stuck_out_tongue:

please, please