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Murky Wood (PC/Mobile and Console)

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/murky-wood-pcmobile-and-console/

You can’t see the forest for the Trolls…

New Troop: Forest Troll

It’s not just overprotective Elves that make the Forest of Thorns a dangerous place to travel; Forest Trolls can frequently be found on the borders looking for traveller-sized snacks.

Although traditionally, Elves and Trolls get along about as well as Elves and anything (ie not very), these two groups tend to tolerate each other. The Elves don’t use the trolls as pincushions, and in return the trolls treat any intruders as just an extra course in an adventurer-filled smorgasbord.

Please note this Event is on the Steam, iOS, Android, PS4 and XBox One versions of the game. (Psst, that's all of them!)

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First baby!!!

Only 1 troop? You guys taking a break? Better give us the update this week :stuck_out_tongue:


I am enjoying the recent change to all of the Trolls, they are actually viable now! Kind of wish each one had a separate component in addition to the color doubling like the Dark Troll (gain souls) does. Some sort of resource gain or status affliction would be cool for each one.


Is this an actual Troll ?? or Elemental slash Giant

Would it count for a Troll team ???

I thought every troll were giant?

All the trolls are Elemental/Giants. http://ashtender.com/gems/troops?filter=Troll


Are we starting to expect a racial theme now?
Troll - regen
Goblins - extra turns
Dwarf - overall tough healths
Orcs - plain pain in the ass…


@Saltypatra Facebook redirect is taking the link to http://gemsofwar.com/murky-wood/, which doesn’t seem to get to this post.

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So any ideas on what the event task will be?

My guess is kill x giant in pvp and explore

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Use maps for giants lol

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Better not!!! Lol

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Now all we need is a troll that can double red gems, I’ll call it Fire Troll or something.

Hopefing for kill elves… muhahah

Lava Troll?

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Magma Troll :slight_smile:

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Don’t give them any ideas. Remember the last time we had to hunt elves… in explore only?

I hated the one pvp event that was kill giants in pvp only. TERRIBLE. I have nightmares of having only 9 snots by the time I hit pvp tier 1… that’s friggin sad. That’s how you know giants suck

RIP Templar.

Fantastic. I like trolls despite not having the plus 4 gems on console at the moment.