Moving guilds between GW weeks

The guild I’m in is getting ready to do some reorganization, and I was wondering about timing. If people are booted from their guild, they don’t get the GW reward mails, correct? So, to make sure everyone gets the rewards they earned, we should

  • wait an hour for mail to go out,
  • boot people from their current guild and send invites to the new one, and
  • wait a day before doing guild tasks so that people can accept the invites and not miss out on rewards for those?

How do guilds with higher turnover (especially the guild families like Intrim and TUF) handle this process?

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No way they are going to wait a day before doing tasks…an hour maybe. a day? no chance.

You’ve pretty much got the process - we wait as long as needed before donating. Coordination and communication are key. Waiting a day is not a big deal - what’s the hurry on the rewards?