Leaving guild and planning guild wars

When is it the right time to leave with minimal impact on guild wars? On Sunday after doing your battles or on Monday? There is already someone taking over after me, so he would like to play next week gw.
Leaving on Sunday:

  • no loss of points for the guild(after my battles)
  • no reward for me from guild ranking on Monday?
  • newcomer gets the reward?
    Leaving on Monday:
  • can newcomer participate in the gw?
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Leaving Sunday:
I believe there is no loss of points for the guild, but hopefully someone who’s done it/seen it done can confirm.
You won’t get rewards if you leave before they go out.
The newcomer shouldn’t get rewards as they didn’t participate in the week’s guild war, but again hopefully someone who’s done this can confirm.

Leaving Monday:
Yes newcomer can participate.


Maybe @Saltypatra, @Sirrian, or @Nimhain can let us know how it works. I thought we lost the outgoing member’s points before. But, I may just be misremembering.

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No you don’t lose points. But you also don’t get rewards. In theory its best for that member to leave on Monday. But for newcomer it’s better to join on Sunday.


I do my hiring and firing on Monday as the person leaving should get the rewards and the incoming person can do gw. if someone really pissed me off, (only happened once) then I’ll boot them Sunday after they battle, and screw their rewards.


Thanks guys!

@Azbra Yes, The Win, Win solution for everyone:

  • Leave/kick after the weekly reset as the Guild rewards are in the mail.
  • All Guildmates hold donations until the new member joins, or for simplicity just wait until Tuesday to contribute (depends of your Guilds level of awareness)
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As the rewards are of little interest to me, I’ll leave on Sunday as the GW score won’t be affected.
I’m just curious to see if the newcomer will get the rewards. I’ll let you know on Monday :slight_smile:

Leaving on sunday: You get the rewards of the guild you join…

Prior to GW I did it on Sunday, but due to GW I do it on Monday.

The reason for Monday is because the weekly guild reward is based on current guild. The person leaving is likely going to a smaller lower requirement guild than the current guild, meaning they would get less resources from their weekly commitment.

Also, kicking them prior to the weekly GW reward given on Monday gives them no incentive to play GW for the rest of the week, as their reward for it will be based on the other guild. If you mention to them you will kick them next Sunday on Friday, they have no reason to play GW on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, resulting in 0 points all 3 days. Telling them you will kick them on on Monday means their efforts leading up to that point will still matter.