Question about GW/people joining guilds before weekly reset

Hi. Have been wondering this and can’t seem to find an answer. If someone joins a new guild after Tuesday’s reset, what Guild Wars rewards do they get on the next weekly reset?

Seems to be 3 options - 1. The ones from their previous guild, 2. From the new guild, or 3. Nothing.

I can’t see any mention of this anywhere on here (maybe totally missed it though lol), so would be very grateful if someone can provide the answer :wink:

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@Graeme I have also wondered this. I believe they get nothing since they were not on an active guild roster during the guild wars.

I will follow up your question with one as well. If someone joins a guild on Monday the rest day for guild wars can they still participate that week, or do they have to wait until the next week?

@Ghaleon, As long as people join before Tuesday reset they can still participate in GW. I have had someone join on a Monday and he was able to do the week’s battles.


I’m pretty sure they get rewards from the guild they are in on Monday at reset.Regardless of when they joined.


My husband joined a guild on Thursday. He was too late to participate in GW, but he did get the rewards at the end of the week. So I’m pretty sure each player gets the rewards for whatever guild they are in at the time when the script issuing rewards runs (shortly after weekly reset on Monday morning).

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yep, it seems you get the rewards whether you were able to participate in GW or not. Just have to be in before Monday reset.