Move/Turn Counter - GaP Counter/GaP Timer/Most used Mana Colour tool tab

Now with the new Journey event, it would be extremely helpful to finally get something which has been asked a few times at least before, but now it is especially important.

Move Counter/Turn Counter

These could be visible above the battle screen in any game ‘battle’ mode. Alternatively, as a vastly inferior option, the images in the ’ In battle area ’ could be reduced in size to give move and turn information, but I’d much rather see move and turn above the souls count in battle, for example.

GaP Gnome Tracker/Counter

This should have it’s own specific image in the ‘Games’ area so it should not be overwritten by Pet Rescues.

GaP Timer

This should be also visible in game battles, leave the current one as is, but have a smaller version - above the battle screen - in play

Most used Mana colour

A tool tip by clicking on troops that can do this, Ochre Jelly for example, to display which colour has been most used. We are getting more troops that do this, and it’s virtually impossible to play these troops at all without any idea what the game is determining as the ‘most used mana colour’, ally or foe etc.



That information is absolutely not needed on EVERY battle screen and that space can be used for much more relevant information.


Absolutely x 1,000,000, same with gold keys and maps in the ‘In battle area’.

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While we’re at it, the combat screen UI would be a lot more phone-friendly if the heart, shield and bars between troops were not quite so bright. They cause burn-in as it stands. It’s hard to take a picture of, but I can very clearly see the GoW UI on my phone when the app is closed :frowning:

Really would love to have something as you described. Why have an in game restriction and not give players counters?

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Talking big UI fixes without me huh!

Any ability that manipulates the board should just count all gem types there (or at least all of the basic ones), instead of, say, an empowered converter only showing one or two colors. Or “explode this color” only showing the color in question.