Add mana banner bonus indicator in battle please


As the subject says, sometimes I go with a team that is very mana balanced, and I may forget which banner I took into battle.

I’d love a small color indicator somewhere on the battle screen to remind me which colors will give me mana bonus if I match them.


Well each time you get a bonus it tells that you got it. .


Yeah, but I don’t want to “waste” the first few matches guessing which one will give me the bonus mana message.


I agree, I have wasted a few turns before I realized which one brings me the bonus. It would be nice to know ahead of time since I can’t rely on my memory.


It’s just a matter of putting the team banner icon somewhere on the screen. Shouldn’t be that hard… Right?


interesting idea
why not add this indictation the same place where we find the “team bonus” ( when we click the creatures during the duel ) ?