No more mana bonus in arena?


I understand that the team bonuses were taken away in arena to make it a more even match, but did the mana bonus go too? Seems no matter what I do I never get any bonus mana when matching gems in arena.


The mana bonus is still there, but only depends on your hero masteries (which might comprise kingdom masteries if you’ve leveled them up). But you don’t benefit from the “bigger” mana bonus you used to get when choosing a home kingdom like in the previous setting, if I’m not wrong.


Yeah, they aren’t called mana bonuses any more, but likely banner bonuses, since it’s predicated on which banner you have set for that team. With other battles the banner comes into play for each team you use, but it looks like banners are useless for arena battles now.


Yop, you don’t benefit from any banner in the Arena, I can confirm as much.