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Whatever happened , this isn’t an appropriate discussion. Let’s please respect Wishkiller’s recruiting thread.


@Nephilim I agree with you 100%. Any higher level players that have come into my guild are like 50/50 on staying. A lower level that grows and roots into the guild and becomes high level often has a greater chance to stay. I’ve lost some simply because they wanted higher end guilds once they grew up, but that’s fine too. I’ve never taken it personal that Wishkiller or Santandrix don’t reply to me when I’ve written them. Not sure what I did there as I have nothing bad to say of anyone especially in a game. Regardless of that I even wrote in my guild chat today, that I hoped guilds like Magic and even Crimson Sky rebound and become strong again. Everyone deserves a home , a place to root and play with others, to enjoy themselves. We are people after all not Gods, and people that play a game across a melting pot of guilds, diversities, and more. We should always support each other where we can. None of us are perfect, we all have flaws. To aim at someone as if their flaws are worse than your own is silly to me. Not saying anything on what went on, but just a thought on what that person mentioned here. If something needs fixing it takes strength, determination, dedication, abandonment is too easy. (I never wanted Vendetta I was given it by the old GL as well)

Wishing luck to Crimson Sky on getting back on track and strong!

I hope you all had a wonderful week for yourselves, and God bless.


Please do not derail the topic. This is a recruitment thread not an inflammatory discussion about what someone has done wrong.

Best of luck recruiting for your guild! Forget about the past and focus on the future :+1: (Penglong blesses you).


Thank you, means a lot.

Thank you.

Still recruiting and rebuilding.

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