Move on please...nothing to see here

we are a high level guild looking for a New Member , Our requirements, for now is 200,000 gold and 50 trophies and 500 Seals, We’re easy going and fun to chat with as well as looking to the future and climbing in the ranks

With RAID BOSSES Coming up soon…come on in and claim your spot. it will take a TEAM and that’s EXACTLY what Crimson Sky is!

Please Ignore the inflammatory and false posts by one person trying to wreck Crimson Sky.

We are a Guild and a Family…Of course one function of Crimson Sky is to rise through the ranks…But whet people don’t understand is that we want to give people just starting out…with SOME experience a home as well as a home for veteran players alike.

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Needing FOUR good players to reap high end rewards.

Still needing Four new members.

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Still needing those 4 players!

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Friendly bump for you guys :+1:

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This is getting Ridiculous… NOW Recruiting NINE.

Perhaps you might consider looking for a guild to merge into crimson sky? Ideally one with a good core of decent players looking to step up a few levels that have been playing right down with the also-rans in guild wars.

I have actually been “Unofficially” talking with someone about that already, it’s a Very good idea

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Looking for 16 recruits or a potential Merger with a mid to high standing guild.
PM If interested in forming Alliances/Sister Guilds.

We’re STILL in the top 40…looking doe New recruits and possibly a merger with a higher guild…Combine with Us and we’ll soar through the leaderboards together.

Bumping this again

Come Claim your spot in a guild Bound to rise back to it’s former Glory!

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16? Good luck though :smile:

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Oh dear, another lost winds type situation. Good luck, going to be a tough job.

Look at winds tho, he rebuilt and is still playing so it can be done.
Good luck.

Nowhere near bracket 1 though are they? No one sees or hears anything about clutch either. They’ve more or less vanished from being a competitive guild.

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But If @clutch didn’t care about guild wars and just wanted to play casual then good for him. It was his guild and his choice really. I know the rest left together and good for them too. It all comes down to what everyone wants out of the game. Period.

It all comes down to what @wishkiller wants from the game and his guild.

I suggested getting lower players and helping out maybe they’ll stay for the long haul.

That’s how I started my guild and now look At us.

Moral of the story

Be good to your people and they will be good to you.

And get in where you fit in!

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Yup, quimby is very similar to what you have done with nemesis. They’re still rebuilding, the difficulties in recruitment are all too apparent now. I do hope that wish killer gets his guild back up and running, it’s hard to let go even though I actually managed to do so. However he’s probably going to have to recruit a few 100-250 level players to get going again and tbh, that’s where his loyalty is probably going to come from. (giving someone a chance and they’ll reward him with loyalty).
Whatever happened, happened. It’s in the past and now it’s time to move on for him.


I’m proud to have a handful of players who made it past the first year mark with me, and many others are over 200 days. Loyalty is strong here in nemesis. I’m very proud of where our guild has gone.

I had a goal since the beginning and it’s nice to make it happen. I like the game and I like doing well at what I do, so not only being in a top guild, but being here from the bottom to the top was the best part of the ride.

Good luck @WishKiller , nothing but the best for you!


Now back on topic, crimson sky needs a dozen players who are looking to grow with the guild. Taking inquiries now so look up @WishKiller for details.